Power in the Limited Palette

Its easy to get carried away with colour – when emerald, amethyst, indigo, scarlet, magenta, cobalt, sunflower yellow  lure you in!  And then you end up creating  either Mud… or a lot of  rainbow splashes going everywhere. However much fun this is, in order to achieve a more successful painting you have to force yourselfContinue reading “Power in the Limited Palette”

Watercolours with Palette knife

Love this simple way to do palette knife trees in watercolours. Beginners will too! Dampen the paper where the trunk will be,  then just glide the knife into the dampness. Change knives to add a different colour into the trunk, let it run a bit and use a finger to smudge and merge the coloursContinue reading “Watercolours with Palette knife”

Many Moods of the Sea

Art inspired by the many faces of the ocean – vibrant tropical coral reefs, tide pools, windswept sea surface and sailing-  these images convey just a few of the many moods that the sea has to offer. The Ocean, in all its diversity provides me a rich and unlimited source of creative inspiration.  In yesterday’sContinue reading “Many Moods of the Sea”

Cool Ocean Turquoise

Inspired by our trip to Esperance W.A.  I loved how the ocean colours changed from frosted mint green foam, to deep turquoise, ultramarine, silvery grey and shimmering lavender. It was fascinating. The area beaches are breathtaking in the rain, clouds and bright sun, amazing and definitely an Australia highlight for artists, sketchers, backpackers, photographers.  Continue reading “Cool Ocean Turquoise”

What to paint? Day 2

What to paint?!   Ideas can be garnered from a simple roll of masking tape.  Yesterday’s post I mentioned using circles, flowers,  even  a roll of tape for painting ideas.       masking tape – an inspiring and creative tool just  Imagine  how it could be used in your designs think outside the box,Continue reading “What to paint? Day 2”

What to paint? Looking for ideas? for Inspiration?

There are days when you sit and stare out the window, waiting and waiting….for inspiration. Hoping  for some fascinating subject to leap in front of you that says Paint Me! You may begin to read an art magazine. You wonder what to paint. Nothing sounds that interesting.  Does this sound a little familiar to anyone?Continue reading “What to paint? Looking for ideas? for Inspiration?”

Green Earth, Prussian Blue and Burnt Umber: Making your own paints

Creating your own unique recipes for color mixes… using your imagination as you blend new tones and shades together. It is so fun. And its not difficult. You don’t have to be a ‘paint manufacturer’ to do it either. You just need a few ingredients and of course the appropriate dust mask. Its a wonderfullyContinue reading “Green Earth, Prussian Blue and Burnt Umber: Making your own paints”

Zen of Colour: In the Forest

Zen of Colour: In the Forest    is a creative  interpretative  watercolour  painting that evokes a lovely sense of tranquility.   This is primarily due to the simplified palette of mainly,   3 tubes of paint. I’ve used indigo for the deep darks,  zoisite a green grey for the back ground,  cobalt teal for theContinue reading “Zen of Colour: In the Forest”