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Of All Places….

Of All Places….

The Zoo.  A place to go for “lions, tigers and bears.”

Ok, snakes, zebras, penguins and kangaroos, too.


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Invitations to the zoo


Busy Perth Zoo

The crowds are large.






Tailgaters every where.

Its not just the roads they’re on anymore.

I wonder,  at their big rush… at the zoo.

Of all places.

Curious at such burning need for speed that their need, excuses their tailgating “incidents and accidents.”



Zen Time,  Zoo Time

The enjoyment for me is to take my time and not be rushed, here at the zoo.


Smell the roses.

(Violets in the case of Perth Zoo.)


Doing it all, in one afternoon is overwhelming.

And sucks the enjoyment out.

Photos are horrible.

Feet are sore.

Things get grumpy.

And, I never really get to  “know”  ie get a personalized view on any of the subjects.




Choose a Focal Point

In life, as it is in art.


I like to choose a target area and spend most of my time … at that location.

That’s my “Theme.”

I’ll spend some time getting acquainted with the exhibit, the subject, the location.


Yep. I know.

That – is the artist, coming out in me.


I just keep in mind,  that next time, I can choose another area to focus on.

Simple, really.



nature photography, trees and foliage in greens, zen moments, debiriley.com
Zen Greens at the zoo




Simplicity and Zen – at the Zoo?

Yes.  It is possible!



I thoroughly enjoy searching for the unexpected and the unlikely in places that you wouldn’t typically link together.

Looking for, the something that is that little bit  Different.


Finding zen at the zoo.

Of All Places.


It is my way, of finding calm,  of creating calm from out of life’s chaos and busy 24-7 we’re all now lodged firmly within.


Not all my zoo pics are plants and zen. I don’t have a photo shortage of emu, giraffe, koala, zebra and numbats, etc. Not at all.

Far too many……  But thats part of the enjoyment of going too.


calm in the midst of chaos, nature photography, finding serenity, Perth zoo, debiriley.com
zoo meditations





Perth Zoo, Western Australia     a wonderful, easy to walk zoo.

Surrounded by beautifully green shade trees. There is enough to do and see to inspire me to have purchased my annual pass.  Once, certainly is not enough.

Spring and Autumn are lovely. I do enjoy the Winter days as well, on a warm sunny afternoon, it is perfect!



contemplative photography

finding calm, creating calm, soft greens

the quiet joy of nature 

Perth zoo the Violets…. 

Choose a Focal Point, a center of interest 

close your eyes for just a minute 




I chose these 3 photographs because of the light;  and that sense of  “invitation”  was just fantastic.

This, was just meters from the front entrance.

I loved it. With those deep jade greens that were brightened by the beautiful branch of light gold green… beckoning.

Zen at the Zoo.

Of all places.



Things Soft and Delicate and Small

Things Soft and Delicate and Small

Another joyful Spring walk!

Perhaps, I headed out with intentions of looking for  “the noteworthy, the majestic, the grand.”

Something with substance, meat and body.  Something, that might command attention. Well, its how it started out.

That….. did not last long.




Small Things Bring Joy

My eyes soon found joy and gratitude in a myriad of small things as I walked along.



The early spring grass stem bursting forth, trying to beat the summer heat.

photograph spring grasses, debiriley.com
Spring Grass, hurries to blossom, debiriley.com




The soft velvet bud of a nearly open fruit blossom.

Its lovely greys and tans feathered out so fine, so delicately  – delight my eye.

photograph spring early fruit tree budding, debiriley.com
Spring Early Bud, debiriley.com




Perhaps its not those Grand and Noteworthy things…. that bring joy and contentedness. Nor that ever elusive ‘happiness’ who always waits. Just around the next corner.  A will-o-wisp.


But, Those other things.

The smaller, finer, more delicate… they seem to reach in, don’t they?



Nature Walks

My walks. They’re never intended for exercise,  you’ve no doubt discovered about me. But they’re  my version of creative, artistic meditation. I find things.


I can be, content taking a walk.

And be content sitting and watching the bees dance.

The grass blow.


Its so amazingly creative.


bee on blue lupine, macro photo, debiriley.com
Bee Dance, debiriley.com


Spring  Lupines 


I discovered a field dotted with gorgeous cobalt blue lupines.  Each blue petal is so tiny. The tips edged with hairs so fine and silken soft, it was amazing.


The spring lupines are now in full bloom.  Acting as bee-magnets.

I sat down in the grass and watched their industrious and ordered dance.   The sun in Perth was peeking out taking the edge of the cool of the day.


It was such a small thing.

But I do believe its one I’m going to remember for quite some time.

I made the moment – mine.


busy bee on lavender blue lupine, photo, debiriley.com
Beautifully Small, Busy Bee


The Moment of Contentedness


I enjoyed the moment.


Surrounded by things soft and delicate and small.  Not grand, not magnificent.

Just the small things and I.



And realized in that moment, yes,  I was perfectly content.



lupine photograph in macro, debiriley.com
Soft, small whispers of contentedness




My Inspirations Today


Tony Smibert,  clean fresh minimalist art works

Toko Shinoda, again…. brilliant well thought out brush strokes

Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Walt Disney… the world is a beautiful place

John Lennon,  Imagine





The Nature of Art – Around the Edges

The Nature of Art – Around the Edges

What type are you – soft edged or hard edged?  I love art images and paintings with soft blurred edges …..  I wondered why.  What type are you most drawn to?

summer pond reflections photo debiriley.com
Summer Pond Cool Reflections debiriley.com

Wandering through the galleries I instinctively am drawn into some artworks, but seem  blocked from others. I  wondered why.  For a while I was absolutely certain it all due to the colours used!    Sometime later, I thought it had to be the Light.

As time progresses,  I’m more and more aware that the images that invite me in with welcoming arms are those with a higher ratio of soft blurred edges. That’s not to say that colour and light tones don’t play a role, they most certainly do. They’re just not the deciding  factor for me.

Autumn Landscape prussian blue pb27 debiriley.com
Autumn Aglow Landscapes, softly inviting – debiriley.com

Our innate personalities can influence edge dominance in our paintings and artworks.

Some artists are naturally outgoing and friendly.  Some of my artist friends are  fantastic hosts and hostesses, having mastered the art of hospitality with grace and ease. Its just who they are.  These artists do seem to  have more soft edge dominance in their work.

One can perhaps infer that the way an artist uses edges in their artworks coincides with their character and personality … or with what is going on with them in their life at that moment in time.


What if an artist feels the need for more structure, disciple, order  in life?  Thus, without really thinking about it, are using predominately harder, sharper edges to create that structure in their artworks.

By creating a painting realm of dominant soft edges, the artist may be creating a more welcoming world of gentleness that may not exist for them at that juncture in time. I think personally, with all the global events of late, I probably am in a way creating a realm that is just a little more kinder and gentler.  Perhaps!


Gallery images comparing gentle soft edges vs. hard defined edges


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lives change.  Life circumstances fluctuate, health may decline and rise again. Many situations occur to  influence the mind, emotions and heart that may cause a change in edge dominance over time.


When I gaze upon a dominantly  soft edged painting,  I still.    It is zen.  Calming and relaxing, a contentedness fills me. There is peacefulness in the soft edges that I do not find in hard, sharp, bristly edges.


The lovely soft edges create an unequalled serenity and harmony that I can become lost in.


When I look at hard edged paintings, even though I’m not drawn  to them, I will look beyond my discomfort.

I think about them. The artist. The individual.  What their life must have been like.

Where they lived, what other things they enjoyed. What prompted their Edges, subjects, colours,  tonal keys, the media used. I reflect for a moment on what events and circumstances may have prompted the style of art I’m looking at.

What is interesting, I’ve noticed that I accept a much higher ratio of sharp edges in  photograph images than I will find comfortable in paintings.

Anyone else  ever thought about how you use your edges   and how your preference is linked to your unique quirks and traits?  I wonder……..