Of All Places….

The Zoo.  A place to go for “lions, tigers and bears.” Ok, snakes, zebras, penguins and kangaroos, too.     Busy Perth Zoo The crowds are large. Jostling. Pushing. Tapping.     Tailgaters every where. Its not just the roads they’re on anymore. I wonder,  at their big rush… at the zoo. Of all places.Continue reading “Of All Places….”

The Nature of Art – Around the Edges

What type are you – soft edged or hard edged?  I love art images and paintings with soft blurred edges …..  I wondered why.  What type are you most drawn to? Wandering through the galleries I instinctively am drawn into some artworks, but seem  blocked from others. I  wondered why.  For a while I wasContinue reading “The Nature of Art – Around the Edges”