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Carefree summer days

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Carefree Summer Days


Gorgeous summer days

Don’t you miss those days, you spent as a kid… just playing in the surf and sand!

A whole day at the beach seemed like forever back then.


Next time you take the kids, go on.  Jump in.

Or  get your toes wet at least!




Summer – Winter

For all my Oz friends,  yes.

This was taken a couple months ago. When it was summer here.

But, right now its a rather brisk winter.

And I was really feeling like a warm tropical breeze and a fun splash… for a moment!



The Color Palette

So Summer.  So Gorgeous.

This is my #1 favorite group of colors.

Cobalt teal blue, Cobalt blue, Ultramarine blue.  Buff titanium, White, Black. And a dash of terracotta Light Red.   


Why might this data be relevant, when the image is a photograph?

Even though its not a painting,  it is always a useful thing for us to assess and identify the Why of something  that we like.

We learn by questioning.  Whether we are writers, painters, photographers, chefs, etc.






Alterations needed

This photo gave me a fabulous opportunity.

To transform a dull lifeless image, to a lively gorgeous fun Summer Time photo.

At first,  the tonal values and the contrasts were very poor.


You’d never know to look at it now,  how under par it was.

Our initial efforts that ‘miss the mark,’  in painting or photos, well I guess they’re a bonus really.

They make me  do things to them, get creative with them.  

In ways I wouldn’t,  with an effort that I’d felt was already a good success – that needed nothing done to it.


I find that many art ‘failures’  ie  (not yet resolved)   are Opportunities.

They make me wonder…. and imagine.

And I love them.

(OK  I’ll be honest!   Most  of them.)




Enjoy your Carefree Summer Days




On The Waters….

On The Waters….

Colors shining.

In violet, indigo and pink and gleaming ultramarine.

They dance, these colors.

Softly. Upon the waters.


nature photography, pond reflections in color, blue and purple tree reflections, debiriley.com
Upon the waters


From The Pond

be still and just BE….

just breathe

until you hear the colors sing and come to life



sit by the pond’s edge

and wait….


and wait,

until at last,

you hear

the silence






The photograph,  IS the Art


They dance, these colors.


strong in their silence

Upon the waters.



No need to “paint it”

its already finished.


No need to tame it

its not that kind.


No need to do a thing –

but simply,

join the dance

upon the waters.





Creating, Recreating, Transforming


With this image, I was able to take the ‘not too bad’ photograph and transform it.

Into how I wanted it to be.


How it looked in my mind’s eye, for just a flash of a moment, at the time I was sitting at the pond.

And I imagined the colors deeper, richer, with more indigo and magenta.

I imagined,

the strength of silence combined with those colors.



Sometimes my efforts work out.  Sometimes they don’t.

It is, as always, a roll of the dice.  


Isn’t that, the fun part?!



Coastal Inlet – semi abstract oils

Coastal Inlet – semi abstract oils

Semi Abstract oil painting, a coastal inlet in blues and greens.


abstract blue in oils, debiriley.com
Blues… in Oils



oil semi abstract painting, blue and green oil paints, debiriley.com
Albany Inlet Blue and Green oils … cropped detail



Preparing the Surface

The painting was done on a board that I’d previously gessoed.

Then I hammered and scratched to distress the wood.  This left many areas where the gesso had been beaten so roughly it had come off.

I then needed to redo the gesso. I did, and added  some drizzled bits of gesso as well.

The result was just what I wanted, an ultra-textured surface to work on.




Once it was dry, it was ready to go.  Choosing just a few colors that would give a strong dark with some mid tones and a lighter tone was all I really needed.

It is the Dark, the prussian blue that does the trick here.  It provides such a great contrast to the mid tone water blue.




In Fuschia

In Fuschia

It was time.

For another pleasant stroll to the park.

It was only to my local park… and back.

All of 1 block away.

Yes, A Full cardio workout on this one.

mmhm. I see your smirks!



zen strolls and nature walks, flower photography,
Autumn Moment in the Park


Just… To The Park


We can go so very far,  further than we’d ever imagined,  even within our  fenced enclosures.



Really, it was a magical walk this time.

Amazing. For such a very short distance, to provide so much.



I’m not complaining, though,  I thought I might.

As this particular park and I have become quite close.

So close  that I’ve thought a few times I’m just about getting bored with it.


So it was rather unexpected to find several new delights there and back on my zen stroll.

I guess, that goes to show me …. I too, can overlook a good many things along the way.




Fuschia and Green Duet


Today its about Fuschia.  

The last of Autumn’s warm light flickering upon the park flowers.

The old sturdy Canon 600d did a fairly nice job in creating a magical background.


Soft.  Peaceful.  Quiet.

Quietly inviting.

But, not too quiet.    


The tiny magenta and fuschia blossom peeps out with its white upright frills in sharp contrast.

Yellow green in the fore and bluer greens in the back provided the balance needed.

These greens were the perfect complement to the lovely fuschia.   A delightful duet.




Intentions and Wants and Plans

I do like this image quite a bit.

Even if –  it was not,  what I originally had in mind.


Funny about that.

Its probably a better image than if it had done exactly as I’d wanted!







The next post will be about the ‘gold’ I found along the way.

Below is a nugget, a  “preview”  of some of the gold I discovered.


canon 600d macro, nature photography autumn foliage, debiriley.com
Zen Stroll, finding gold





Canon 600d Images

canon  macro  –  Sugar and Spice 

canon flowers  –  The Faces of Yellow 

canon  The rose’s  tears 

canon   My Neighbors garden at daybreak 



Watercolors… inspired by peace

Watercolors… inspired by peace

This is a 22 x30 inch full sheet of Fabriano soft press paper I had stashed.

Its a minimalist abstract watercolor that I have just done quickly.

This morning.


watercolor abstract simplicity, light red, debiriley.com
Simplicity Wc Light Red


Watercolor Abstract inspirations


No labored multitude of brushstrokes.


With a very large amount of white space.




My thoughts were on creating harmony.

Inspired by Peace.




John Olsen and

Toko Shinoda running on replay in the back of my mind.

I’d just had a zen stroll and taken some shots of bark.

(with Light Red in mind as well.)


zen stroll, nature hike, tree bark photo, debiriley.com
zen stroll bark


Woodland Inspiration, tree photo, art of being inspired, debiriley.com
Tree In the Woods



Less is More.


I’m ok with the quietness and the peacefulness found in the image.

I imagine, it may be too quiet for some.

But, its just right for me, today.




Watercolor Light Red …quick demos

Watercolor Light Red …quick demos

Light Red can be an excellent addition to your watercolor painting palette.

Years ago, I’d tried a few. Well, quite alot actually!  And gave up in disgust.

The ones I’d chosen were too muddy.  Too dull. They did not mix and blend well with the other colors on my palette either.

Causing a great deal of mayhem in my paintings. Ever happen to you?


light red watercolor, holbein light red, debiriley.com
pr101 pBr25 light red holbein


Watercolor, Better Paints


But of course I have done more research, more experimenting and more …purchasing.

Trying to find a Better Light Red. 


A Light Red that isn’t dulled.

But vibrant.  Rich and earthy.  One that would be able to mix, to a degree, with some other colors, ie Staining paints.   

A Light Red that is lovely in full strength, and even better diluted down into subtle delicate blushes of color.




Light Red Brands

The 3 watercolor Light Red brands, that I’ve found best fit the criteria:

  • Winsor and Newton Light Red pr101
  • Blockx Light Red  (mine was in a large porcelain pan) pr101
  • Holbein Light Red pr101 pbr25


Blockx watercolor Light red, debiriley.com
Blockx Light Red watercolors



All 3 have enough good assets and qualities to override the nature of the paint, it is an Opaque.

Opaque watercolor paints are notorious for mud

and for not being good social mixers with other paints.


light red watercolor, winsor and newton light red, debiriley.com
Winsor and Newton Light Red



Uses for Light Red…

Light Red is versatile.

Great for landscapes, trees, shrubs, bark, roads, sand, animals, rocks.

Additionally,  it can be used for skies.  Mixed wet in wet, with another color tapped into it perhaps.

The sky from Dawn Falls, is a great example in my mind  for why Light Red would be perfect to use in the sky.




Art Work Demo Samples

These samples done just prior to the last Master Color class, came out of my course workbook.

They give you a bit of an idea of  a couple of the things you can do with a good, Light Red.


light red watercolor, color mixing light red, watercolor landscapes cabin, debiriley.com
Light Red Roof



watercolors light red, indigo, raw umber palette, tree in light red, debiriley.com
light red, indigo, raw umber












Peaceful: in my Rose Garden

Peaceful: in my Rose Garden

You and I may not have hours on end everyday to go hunting for those  very special quiet places.

Places to go and just relax.

Sometimes we must make do.

Sometimes we need to look closer to home.

Right at home, in fact. Right outside our windows, to end our search for “Serenity.”

Our quest for some little bit of Quiet time.


flower photography, creative floral shots, lovely rose photos, debiriley.com
Quiet Times, in my rose garden



Yesterday,  I shared a wonderful place with you…. Its not too quiet here.

A lovely mossy green zen space, perfectly peaceful. Sweetly serene.

But, I did, have to go hunt for it.  It didn’t just pop out in front of me.

You know me though, I don’t mind a challenge, a bit of a climb, putting in a little effort to get what I want!



macro floral photo, rose in the sun, meditative photography, debiriley.com
Up Lifted



I’ve mentioned previously,  that often I need to resort to stalking the neighbor’s flower gardens.

Usually right next door, with their wide assortment of large and aromatic roses. Yum.

But.  I must have inspired both my daughter and husband as they paired up and by Mother’s Day created a gorgeous raised bed.   Full of my own roses.

I love it and am so appreciative…. I hope you, my readers won’t tire of my many upcoming, rose posts though!


rose gardens photography, yellow roses, canon 600d, debiriley.com
In These Quiet Places



rose garden photography, debiriley.com
zen –  rose




raindrops on roses, macro photography, debiriley.com
Quietly, they Fall


It was so much fun taking these rose shots with my old Canon 600d and the macro lens.  Then editing and cropping them in various ‘poses.’

A bit of bliss.  A bit of quiet.

Just right for a Saturday.