Fluted Blue Vase – watercolors

Just a simple play in watercolors.  Experimenting. Testing how the lovely blues mix and merge together. An ‘easy’ day. A fun day.  A Sunday.     Watercolor Vase in  Blues Nothing fancy, but a form clothed in blue.       Art Materials Used: Paper – Fabriano 100% cotton, Cold Press   Watercolors – PrussianContinue reading “Fluted Blue Vase – watercolors”

for Love …of Color!

Every post, this week will have Love as the major theme. Yes, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Its only one day though. So, maybe a week long visit with Love, in its many beautiful and elegant forms will stir our imaginations,  hearts and our souls.       Starting with… for Love of Color. Of course!Continue reading “for Love …of Color!”

Wednesday: Watercolor in Greens

Glorious Greens. Wet flowing watercolors.  Olive and Lime greens,  running off the paper. Blue-green drips down and splashes, making its own path. Its own mark.   Wild Watercolor Greens Allowed to run with abandon upon a dampened receptive, willing, surface.  They can be so exciting.  And they can be so terribly frustrating. There’s such pleasureContinue reading “Wednesday: Watercolor in Greens”