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Threads of Creativity … Collage

Threads of Creativity … Collage

Creativity sparks in this shimmering collage.

Rich Crimson scarlet and pools of Viridian green.

Threads of gold, delicate threads of Japanese papers mingle with thick layers of encaustic wax.

…. how was this created?  what Was I thinking?



Karise Eden singer, Threads of Silence, creativity in art, encaustic collage, Christmas colors red and green, abstract encaustic painting, debiriley.com
Creativity Collage, Threads of Silence


Collage Creativity


Painting away. Creating.

in silence


Playing the colors, the tones.

In quietness – Collaging,  pulling the threads of paper apart, gluing.


Then a song crept into my head.




Threads of Silence


Threads of Silence  by Karise Eden played first in my mind, in repeat.

It wouldn’t let me go.

I gave up trying.

And just put the song on play, in real life.

And let it go.



Karise Eden has a lovely velvety voice;  full of depth.

The depth, is what I love most.

Rich. Layer upon layer upon layer.


Though I can’t play one note of music, sing, hum or whistle ….. I can,  recognise creative artistry   when I see or hear it.


Color fills the air with each note Karise sings.

The tones rise and fall, the full range of expressive emotions carry you along with her on the journey.


With her honey rich sound –  Karise makes me think of the timeless singers Aretha, Tina Turner.

Threads of Silence   Karise Eden   available  at    itunes 




In a IG  post a few weeks back,  she included:

“In a world full of Kardashians be a Janis.”



Many, of my articles are themed around this very concept.

About being original.

Being no one’s  ‘parrot.’

Speaking your own words. Not what “they”  tell you,  you should be saying!

Expressing in paint what you yourself have to say.  So, I enjoyed that quote immensely.



I also like Karise’s  version of   “Hallelujah”  available itunes  as well.



Who is Karise Eden?

A young, vocally gifted, Ozzie singer.  She grew up in New South Wales, Australia and went on to overcome personal hardships,  to win The Voice 2012 in Australia.




“The How”

What were the techniques and the materials used?


The initial painting was a watercolor underpainting on Arches paper.


The Colors: Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Quinacridone Gold, Viridian, Phalo Green.

Black ink was applied over the paints.


Then Gloss medium followed. It was allowed to dry.

Acrylic gold paint was next.


Thick liberal applications of uncolored encaustic wax was applied with palette knife. 

Swathes of sculptural forms of wax formed and while still malleable and warm

the teased apart paper threads  were suspended across a few targeted forms.


These Threads, were used to bridge the gaps of silence.


creative abstract collage, pools of silence, wax encaustic art, viridian green paint, music as inspiration for art, debiriley.com
Pools of Silence, creative collage




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Cobalt Teal, Naples Yellow, Red and Black

Cobalt Teal, Naples Yellow, Red and Black

Colors talk.  Colors communicate.

They evoke specific moods and messages that are quite clear.

Nature uses color all the time, very effectively, to communicate.


colors communicate, colors talk, color collage, acrylic abstract in cobalt teal blue, naples yellow and red, strong expressive colors, debiriley.com
Red, Black, Naples Yellow and Cobalt Teal:  Colors Communicate



Color Communication


One of the most effective forms of expression.

No ‘words’ needed.

Just the colors.




Creative Artist Expression

As Artists….

We can cleverly use  strong (or soft & delicate)  expressive colors to communicate ‘a message’ with our viewers.


We can choose what we intend for them to see and feel, through our color planning choices.


But first, we need to understand the specific colors.

Understand what each specific color can mean, can represent, in order to help us harness a color.


Using color purposely this way  can make your art far more interesting.

Richer, more layered. Intriguing.

Getting it out of a tired old pattern of painting that may have gotten you bogged down in a rut.





Color Meanings


Out in Nature, when we see red, black and yellow together, often it serves as a warning.

A red flag,  if you will, that the object may be dangerous.



Cobalt Teal Blue 

This cool color is so calming, refreshing and relaxing many of us almost immediately think of tropical holiday waters.

CTB has a hint of playfulness to it that can bring out the inner child.


Naples Yellow 

Definitely a warm, golden glowing yellow.  Alone, or without the red and black, it probably would give off a more welcoming vibe.

Happy, joyful, content. Cheerful!



Is an extremely powerful, dominating color.

It exerts its force of will over nearly everything else, even if in tiny proportions.

Red is associated with warning, danger, power, authority, aggression.

It Shouts out. Its as if, its in all CAPS.

Vibrant Red, really isn’t a shy little wallflower.




Black can be many things!  It can be a neutral, at times and in certain circumstances.

Often, it is just so strong and powerful that its impact overwhelms the rest of the colors.

Its linked to things that are dark and foreboding, death, but also authority, power, strength and solidarity.

Again this is one that can takeover, even in small doses.




For me, with this image,  the saving grace was the cobalt teal.  As it is, its a very dramatic abstract.

With warning colors right through the painting. I wonder what I was thinking at the time. Maybe its a good thing I’ve forgotten!



Water Color Collage #worldwatercolormonth

Water Color Collage #worldwatercolormonth

Paper as thin as a bridal veil.

Revealing more than it covers.

Dimpled and heavy, rough papers; and lovely silken smooth,  velvety papers.

All that fun I’m having,  tearing my beautiful papers up.



#worldwatercolormonth, creative collage, watercolor techniques, debiriley.com
Creativity with Collage, watercolors



Watercolor Collage

Ripping, shredding, tearing.

But it is not really a ‘destructive’ process.


I’m building. Creating.


Ever so slowly, constructing art.

Yes.  I am still having a go with my on going Collage Project!

There is more information in Tearing it Up about the collage, and the slow progressive steps I’ve been making.





nature photography, pond reflections in color, blue and purple tree reflections, debiriley.com
Upon the waters


I included the photos of Upon the Waters,  the pond today  because,  I feel they tie in with my collage.

The colors and the  ‘feel’ are largely, simpatico.


Even though, the photo of the pond was not my reference source for the collage…..  you can see How It could have been!

You can see,

how you could go out, take photos and then use your photographs  with your imagination and your creativity to do like-minded, inventive things in art.


There is no greater joy,

no greater satisfaction – than inventing something.

Creating something.  Building it…  yourself.




#worldwatercolormonth, watercolor collage, debiriley.com, watercolour creative fun techniques,
The waters, watercolor collage



The rectangular design,  loses a certain ‘something.’

The featured, cropped square format seems to me to be a tighter and more unified fit. A better design.

You may find that your preference is for the horizontally placed rectangle.  This does provide a more relaxed feeling, whereas the square is more sturdy, upright, and has more of an immediacy.   There really is no right or wrong, its personal preference.




nature photography, pond reflections in deep blue, debi riley artist, creative photography, debiriley.com
Darker Reflections, on the pond

This is the same photo, but I’ve gone darker and moodier.  Less color shows.  Its as if night has nearly come.






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Collage           Acrylic and Fabrics…..   on a canvas 

Wall art Debiriley Society6.com
coral pink   –   collage on a canvas






I love papers and experiment frequently.

The feel of the various types, its quite amazing.  Its like different types of fabrics to touch.

Some of the Papers I used include: Masa, Stonehenge, Ho Sho, Shirakaba, Arches cold press, tissue paper, Somerset, Lennox, Fabriano.




Creative  and  Imaginative   “What If” Watercolours

Creative and Imaginative “What If” Watercolours

A couple of months ago I purchased a new Daniel Smith paint, a lovely green Serpentine.

I already have a few (ok ok, quite a few)  but this one is sourced from Australia and I thought it would come in handy with my on location paintings.

So I bought it!

Daniel Smith Watercolours, Lapis Lazuli, Zoisite, Indigo, Amethyst, debiriley.com
Daniel Smith watercolours


Several weeks ago, I went to make a quick run to the shops.

When I pulled into the local grocery store parking lot my eyes immediately went to a gorgeous tree with bark peeling & stripping away.

Underneath the old bark was a lovely serpentine yellow green and the upper half had muted browns and blues.

So rather than going in and doing my shopping straight away,  I retrieved my camera to shoot several photos of the tree while the light was just right.

It took half an hour walking back and forth, around the tree. I pottered about doing some close ups and touching the tree, thinking of what colours I might use to paint it.



I’ve wanted to ‘do something’  with this image but nothing had really grabbed me. Until today.

serpentine new bark
serpentine new bark

Today I  got out my Daniel Smith paints  with the idea of exploring a few new colour combinations.


One of my favourite things to do is to simply ask  “What If…?”   and then  take a risk and try it out.


After a few warm ups, I got down to some serious play. I usually seem to produce better quality images when I’m free, loose, experimenting – rather than  on a time line, with a tight rigid idea of what I have to produce.


I chose Daniel Smith  Serpentine first, as it a natural pigment actually sourced from Australia.

Next came Hematite Violet, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Sodalite.

I’ve not used these 4 in combination previously, so it would be a surprise.   I painted on Arches rough watercolour paper, painting each colour in strips.

Some connecting, merging and some strips left strong & harder edged.  I let this dry, while I took photos of a variety of watercolour papers (upcoming post!)


Returning to the image of serpentine, hematite, sodalite, sleeping beauty turquoise layerings – I wasn’t enjoying the image quite yet.

Tearing the edges near strips’ centres in a vertical tear, created lovely torn, bright white deckled edges for contrast.


Using a Shizen handmade 100% cotton paper as a backing, I next attached the vertical strips in an arrangement that works for me.

The vertical strips being loosely attached create the feeling of bark that is just starting to strip and peel off.


daniel smith watercolours, debiriley.com
Serpentine Bark debiriley.com


I quite like the bush feel and sensitivity of the piece.

Open to individual interpretation.

Creating  a hint of mystery and intrigue that would be missing – if it was all spelled out and ‘just like the photograph.’  Thats why I don’t generally “dot all my I s    nor  cross all my T s”  when I’m working a painting.


Its different than what my mind originally thought it was setting out to do  –    but I think with experience I’ve learned to go with what the image wants to be  rather than obstinately trying to force my will upon it with disastrous and disheartening  results.


Get your paints out,  take a risk and experiment.  Its only …paper.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and  Thank you for stopping by!