The Blue Heron Stills

A walk from…. Before. When the air was cool, the land was green. The fires upon the plains hadn’t slickened the soil black with ash and soot. Before the sun turned to flame.   The Blue Heron Stills   Side by side I walk alongside The meandering stream Stepping with care on moss covered logsContinue reading “The Blue Heron Stills”

Doorway Amidst Cobalt: symbolism

In the leafy inner city suburb of Balmain, Australia the rich textures and patterns form a visual color field to rival Rothko, Turner, O’Keefe. I’m in artist’s heaven.  On a time clock, but even so,   oh my, its delightful! Doorway Amidst a Field of Cobalt in  Balmain, NSW   This door is all aboutContinue reading “Doorway Amidst Cobalt: symbolism”

Moet’s Monday: Beautiful Greys

Monday’s art painting question of the day was “How do you mix Grey?”  The lovely grey burmese model, Moet very kindly allowed a portrait. No nudes, no eyes.  We were clear on those issues. Moet’s gleaming silver grey coat gives us a perfect sample for greys. I’ll be suggesting several recipes for mixing greys….whether itsContinue reading “Moet’s Monday: Beautiful Greys”

Hello! Cobalt, Violet, Magenta

Hello! I went out to get the mail, glancing over at my flowers against the house. (Not the neighbours’ this time!)  Soft cobalt and cobalt violet tendrils waved in the warm afternoon breeze, the passion flower blossom beckoned. A fast Happy snap ensued, with the thought of sharing this lovely Hello greeting with you.  Continue reading “Hello! Cobalt, Violet, Magenta”

Cobalt Teal Blue, Easy on the Eyes

Its a very early Sunday morning, and I’m feeling like going for a little holiday as I drink my predawn coffee. A peaceful, relaxing, tranquil place.  Cobalt Teal Blue: a perfect holiday colour!  I’ll scout my photos… can I find my morning holiday? Esperance glittering waters.  An image that soothes, invites and delights. Definitely hasContinue reading “Cobalt Teal Blue, Easy on the Eyes”

Stop! Rest A Minute

Been Too Busy?  Me too!  So I wandered out to the pool to sit down for 5 minutes to drink my morning coffee in peace. Warning:   this post may offend…. if you are a ‘busy’ person!   I have no idea why I believe Value is tied up in being “Busy.”  Or why othersContinue reading “Stop! Rest A Minute”

Watercolour Mixing Charts

I was perusing through my art files… aka  boxes and stacks of notes, studies, colour charts, sketches.    And rediscovered these 2  watercolour charts that I’d created from cobalt blue, winsor lemon and permanent rose watercolour paints.   My eye gravitated to the deep purples the warm purple  Big  “R”  small B      andContinue reading “Watercolour Mixing Charts”

What’s Blooming in Your Garden, Today?

“We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses blooming outside our windows today.”   Dale Carnegie   I do confess,  I’m probably more focused on the future, than the present a lot of the time. Its just the way I am, I like to plan toContinue reading “What’s Blooming in Your Garden, Today?”

A Lovely Place, Sydney

This just happens to be one of my favourite places….Sydney, Australia and the photo I took some time ago remains one of my personal favourites.   There is a feeling of calm, of peace and ‘zen’   in this  even with all the bright colours that are being softly reflected.   The soft edges throughContinue reading “A Lovely Place, Sydney”

Watercolour Washes and Colours

I find for me, that its always easier to create when I free up and just start off by doing watercolour washes and mixing of colours. It has a  Zen quality to it I like. In these following images you can see the sequential processes used to go from playing with washes and colours toContinue reading “Watercolour Washes and Colours”