Silly Saturday: Because I Can!

Did you know that learning to create Abstract paintings is a fabulous way to teach yourself art basics of Design and Tonal Values? I think that is why I consider abstracts one of the most Challenging genres to master.  I do not say that I have mastered the realm of Abstracts. But I do certainlyContinue reading “Silly Saturday: Because I Can!”

Memory Lane on Monday

Monday rolls around with jet lag dogging my heels. The only problem with that, is I haven’t been on a plane. Monday’s post, as you know is usually out by 6am. I rise early, wake the birds and finish my post. Not today.   Today, I’ve had a siesta. A postponement.  But,  enough procrastination! TimeContinue reading “Memory Lane on Monday”

Teal Lagoon Watercolor

Silly Saturday’s artwork was inspired by a trip to Yanchep National Park, in Western Australia. The lake and lagoon had lovely “S” curves that I thought served well for “Silly Saturday” initials today.  (And, I’m back on cobalt teal.)   First, a sample of what the view of the Yanchep parkland lagoon looked like.  Continue reading “Teal Lagoon Watercolor”

‘My Precious’ – Wednesday Watercolors

Precious.  Today’s  art adventure was precious. Perhaps priceless. Can I place a price on walking outdoors in cool refreshing air, feeling good, limber and spry?  Eyes searching and my mind uncluttered and open? Precious…May mean many things to many different people.   For me, I extracted every precious iota of enjoyment out of today’s morningContinue reading “‘My Precious’ – Wednesday Watercolors”

Monday’s Watercolor: Shaken not Stirred

Watercolor that has gone through a twister, shaken – definitely not stirred. So Many ideas from several of my recent posts, have been germinating away. They’ve gone through a Ninja blender and then I’ve integrated them into one design.   Watercolor:  Shake It Up   The Underpinning  The post, Watercolour Landscapes Blue and Orange laid the foundation image.Continue reading “Monday’s Watercolor: Shaken not Stirred”

Silky Seas This Silly Saturday

Soothing, refreshing and silky waters are in order for Silly Saturday.  These beautiful tropical colors of cobalt teal,  aztec gold and a lovely shallows green complement each other delightfully. I wish I were there! Well,  I am there, in spirit.   Today’s  image really isn’t as silly as…. Yesterday’s images;  especially that wild, eye poppingContinue reading “Silky Seas This Silly Saturday”

A Quick Splash of Paint

Cobalt teal blue splashes onto the paper in my efforts for a cooler, refreshing ambience. The palette knife loaded with Acrylic paint slides on the wet paper in a brief fleeting kiss. Perfect for creating smooth applications of color in my abstract painting today. More palette knife posts are The Delightful Palette Knife and  WatercolourContinue reading “A Quick Splash of Paint”

Explosion of Color: Chihuly

If Dale Chihuly isn’t on your art radar yet,  you’re in for an explosion of rich, saturated colors from his palette. Chihuly is best known as a world renowned glass blower, having been the recipient of countless awards and 12 honorary doctorates for his achievements in this genre.  His work is sought after and displayedContinue reading “Explosion of Color: Chihuly”

Beguiling Addiction of Cobalt Teal Blue

Ah, without a doubt, this addiction pulls at my mind daily. Always scanning the room, the beach, the environment, what people wear. All for a glance of my favored paint color, Cobalt Teal Blue pg50. As far as vices go, its one of the nicer ones to have. Sharing it, makes it seem just aContinue reading “Beguiling Addiction of Cobalt Teal Blue”