Flying over Naples Yellow

Little wings,  seemingly in flight hovering mid air.  Could it be a hummingbird?   A painting with Naples Yellow,  cobalt teal,  indigo, and indanthrone blue create a wonderful color harmony I would not have expected from these colors!   I love the gorgeous naples yellow, a wonderful soft buttery subtle yellow. Naples Yellow, Not brashContinue reading “Flying over Naples Yellow”

Oceans of Turquoise and Cobalt Teal

Seductive, addictive cobalt teal blue. A blend of turquoise and cobalt teal blue reach out in invitation. Preceding layers of acrylic paint are seen beneath the surface, creating an illusion of depth in the turquoise shallows. Making me feel like I could easily walk right into liquid bliss.   Ocean Waters of Cobalt Teal  Continue reading “Oceans of Turquoise and Cobalt Teal”

Peace Joy LOVE 2015

Wishing you a holiday season filled with wonder, and …..   Thank you fabulous readers!   Your many generous comments, likes, shares and views helped provide me with the incentive to push on and keep learning more skills for this website/blog adventure that I started last December. That December held 600 views.   This lastContinue reading “Peace Joy LOVE 2015”

A Walk With Water and Color

Its 3 AM and I’m going for a walk. Join me?! Pitch black. A furnace of midnight heat blasts. Further sleep evades, I rise. Too early for a real walk, too dark to paint. But, I can ‘walk’ in my library. With cooling colors and refreshing water.  Lets go! Water and Color   First Stop onContinue reading “A Walk With Water and Color”

Monday’s Crimson and Gold

Layers and layers of lush crimson, cobalt teal and cerulean decked out with a festive dusting of gold powder pigment. This is a detail, a snippet from one of my large  acrylic test strips and samplers. I really love these colors  as they unite, mingle together.   The Permanent alizarin crimson, which I’ve applied underneath,Continue reading “Monday’s Crimson and Gold”

Colorfilled Abstracts – Paul Jenkins

Artist Paul Jenkins filled his abstract canvases with roll the dice, sizzling color. “I utilise past experience and my knowledge of the odds.  It is a big gamble, and that is why I love it,” Jenkins said about his approach.  I can relate. Art is a risk. Its always a gamble.   Paul Jenkins PaulContinue reading “Colorfilled Abstracts – Paul Jenkins”

Colour and Light In The Studio

A few stolen moments……  to have a play with colour and light. The golden light seems to shimmer against the cool cobalt teal blue.  I’ve splattered a few bits of indigo here and there. Poured a wee drop or two of cobalt into the mix.  No time to dawdle!     The cobalt teal blueContinue reading “Colour and Light In The Studio”

Resolve, Renew, Reinvent Your Paintings

Resolve. Renew. Reinvent!  Don’t panic too soon. Don’t throw your paintings away! They  can be resolved 99.99% of the time, one way or another.  Often, we just don’t know  The Way or “How To” … Yet!   Paintings To Resolve, Renew or Reinvent Sit down, list the correction options you do know about and seeContinue reading “Resolve, Renew, Reinvent Your Paintings”

Four Techniques For Flowing Fluid Acrylic Paints

Did you know there are 4 main types of acrylic art paints?  Do you know what they are most useful for?  Let me explain a little about each type and we won’t be in the dark at the art store the next time we go!   4 Basic Types of Acrylic Paints The four types ofContinue reading “Four Techniques For Flowing Fluid Acrylic Paints”

Cobalt Teal Blue, Easy on the Eyes

Its a very early Sunday morning, and I’m feeling like going for a little holiday as I drink my predawn coffee. A peaceful, relaxing, tranquil place.  Cobalt Teal Blue: a perfect holiday colour!  I’ll scout my photos… can I find my morning holiday? Esperance glittering waters.  An image that soothes, invites and delights. Definitely hasContinue reading “Cobalt Teal Blue, Easy on the Eyes”