Angels, Feathers: Art Subjects….. open for interpretation

Silver glittering angel. Flecks of violet, jade, topaz sparkle. Set against that dark rich and warm Light Red background. The Photographer, Kelly Walker, was busy around here. With her permission, I’ve used her images.         The Art of the Holidays Truly…. there isn’t much, in the way of drawing, painting, creating atContinue reading “Angels, Feathers: Art Subjects….. open for interpretation”

Last Christmas Tree (its filled)

I’ve come to the last of my very fun and so wonderful, ¬†watercolor Christmas trees. This one has been decorated and filled – with the kinds of gifts that matter most! If you look closely upon each branch, you’ll find lots of sweet somethings nestled on the boughs. Yep. ¬†My kind of Christmas tree.  Continue reading “Last Christmas Tree (its filled)”