Climb II – Wild Cape Le Grande

Beautifully wild and rocky.  The terrain of Cape Le Grande National Park, Western Australia is filled with bright colours, bold skies and gorgeous natural rock formations. I loved it and will go again. Georgia O’Keefe would have loved it! Yesterday’s post “Its A Climb,”  I  mentioned  plans to paint based on my Cape Le GrandContinue reading “Climb II – Wild Cape Le Grande”

Its A Climb – Cape Le Grande National Park, Western Australia

“Its not how fast I get there, its the climb.” I’m probably not a  Miley Cyrus fan but, I do find her song has some inspirational quotes.    Instead of “Its the climb”  I chose to use my own slightly different version, “Its A Climb.”  From the Esperance   W.A.    Cape Le Grande NationalContinue reading “Its A Climb – Cape Le Grande National Park, Western Australia”