Easy Watercolor Flowers

Simple. Easy. Gorgeous.  Watercolor Flowers from the Garden.  It really can be quite uncomplicated – with just a few,  simple brushstrokes of gorgeous color artfully arranged on the watercolor paper.     Painting Flowers in Watercolor   A few easy tips count and limit, your brushstrokes really concentrate on attaining Light, Mid, Dark tonal valuesContinue reading “Easy Watercolor Flowers”

Laying The Foundation: Art

What went before.  The steps taken preceding this. The past is relevant.   Art Basics My first day’s  efforts did not construct a house. Nor much of anything of note. I had to lay a foundation. And then it all ties together. Into a satisfying creation.   As I’ve mentioned in prior posts,  art isContinue reading “Laying The Foundation: Art”

Pastel Mark Making

Vibrant, vivid, versatile!  Pastels,  actually  the  “Soft Pastels”   are brilliant learning tools for the beginner.  Why?  Their soft edges.  Their mark making power.   Combined with their sensitivity and their  immense range of techniques they can perform.    Amazing Pastels.                   A closer detail of theContinue reading “Pastel Mark Making”

Watercolor: Beginners’ Questions Answered

Questions.  There are no silly questions. If you’re a watercolor beginner, how will you find out unless you ask?!  Even if you paint in oils or acrylics…. this post may be relevant. So don’t move on just yet!     Best 5 Art Tips I Can Suggest As a creative arts teacher, I’m primarily focusedContinue reading “Watercolor: Beginners’ Questions Answered”

French Ultramarine – A Bold Beauty

What a dazzling bold blue French Ultramarine is!  Foreign and  Exotic. Tempetuous.   There is nothing cold nor timid about Ultramarine blue. Bold Blue French Ultramarine  Pb29 Paint Ultramarine Blue was originally derived from lapis lazuli which was sourced in mountain valleys of Afghanistan. The Kokcha valley was one of the primary lapis source sites.Continue reading “French Ultramarine – A Bold Beauty”

Art for Fun: Creative Colourful GelliPrints

What’s a gelli-print!?  It’s a super soft, print making  ‘plate’ that has quite a bit of flexibility.  Yes, you can buy premade “Gelli Plates.”  I chose not, today. I wanted to make a DIY! To create it from things in my kitchen. “Wow, what fun!  Creative, imaginative.  Liberating.”   And,  “I feel like a kidContinue reading “Art for Fun: Creative Colourful GelliPrints”

The Dreams of An 8 Year Old Artist

Dreams of a child and the power in a word.   She dreamt of drawing and painting. Shy, uncertain. So, I used a different word….. ‘experiments.’ Her 8 year old face lit up, I suspect – with hope.  I may have just given her the one word that allowed her to try again, without fearingContinue reading “The Dreams of An 8 Year Old Artist”