“Skies of Fire” Edgar Allan Poe

“Surging, unto  Skies of Fire ..” from Edgar Allan Poe’s  poem Dream-Land,  describes so well these colours painted across Perth’s skyline.  I fell in love with the powerful indigo night tones with that interplay of deep violet!   Dream Land and Skies of Fire   By a route obscure and lonely, Haunted by ill angelsContinue reading ““Skies of Fire” Edgar Allan Poe”

Kicking and Screaming “Its Monday!” ?

Monday’s Motivation – 5 easy steps and you’ll be perky, chirpy and dancing out the door! Ok, I fibbed a little. There are days I just can’t dance either, but I can get motivated to get out the door! 5 Motivation Tools and Ideas Ideas and tricks that work for me, when I’d rather beContinue reading “Kicking and Screaming “Its Monday!” ?”

Bushwalk: Spotting Koalas

We took a drive up north, up the coast of Western Australia to Yanchep National Park. Out for a nice quiet, peaceful,  photo shoot in the natural environment.  Just my daughter and I,  plus the 2 grandchildren on school holidays;  oh!  and everyone else’s children showed up too.   Obviously, it was the “cool place”Continue reading “Bushwalk: Spotting Koalas”

Inspiration – How It Starts

Inspired to create, using the colour orange! So, how Does the creative mind work? What prompts the creative processes and inspiration? It usually starts with a small thing.  Something ordinary. Inspiration starts in mysterious ways It began with getting my family glass treasures out and cleaning them. Yes, my inspiration all started with a chore. I’ll tellContinue reading “Inspiration – How It Starts”

French Ultramarine – A Bold Beauty

What a dazzling bold blue French Ultramarine is!  Foreign and  Exotic. Tempetuous.   There is nothing cold nor timid about Ultramarine blue. Bold Blue French Ultramarine  Pb29 Paint Ultramarine Blue was originally derived from lapis lazuli which was sourced in mountain valleys of Afghanistan. The Kokcha valley was one of the primary lapis source sites.Continue reading “French Ultramarine – A Bold Beauty”

Spring Splendour at King’s Park Perth

What a show! Acres of everlastings,  pathways of magenta, burgundy, claret kangaroo paws, with tall dark, handsomely curving branches framing Perth city views.   I was off to the city for a not so fun appointment which finished early. An ‘early mark’  that was fun.  King’s Park was only around the corner……. how could IContinue reading “Spring Splendour at King’s Park Perth”