Beautiful Lines of Abstraction

Yesterday’s art Muse may have disappointed, true. But I did say,  there is always Tomorrow. And I liked what my Muse brought this time around: Abstraction in Beautiful strong lines. I can work with that!     Graphic and Hard Edged  Abstract This very Graphic and Hard Edged  Image  has been  balanced by Four dominantContinue reading “Beautiful Lines of Abstraction”

Monday’s Third Medley

Warm golden petals unfurling create a medley of abstract and interlocking shapes and designs. Drawing you nearer. Hugging you closer.   My favorite color of rose has always been a warm golden yellow. The color evokes a warm, cheery inviting feeling but it energises as well.   When the flower is nearly at its midpointContinue reading “Monday’s Third Medley”

Memory Lane on Monday

Monday rolls around with jet lag dogging my heels. The only problem with that, is I haven’t been on a plane. Monday’s post, as you know is usually out by 6am. I rise early, wake the birds and finish my post. Not today.   Today, I’ve had a siesta. A postponement.  But,  enough procrastination! TimeContinue reading “Memory Lane on Monday”

Birds and Kids on Silly Saturday

A classic,  “I’m looking at You”  look from Mr.  Bird at the wildlife park. Before you ask,  I’m not sure what bird this was as we were with the children and ….. well,  I’m sure you can imagine. I feel lucky, to have gotten any photos at all! Kids these days are very active, restlessContinue reading “Birds and Kids on Silly Saturday”

Lovely Lavender

Who can resist the soft lilac tones of the lovely lavender? Or the sweet scent in the morning air? I zoomed in as close as possible,  seeing even the tiny fine white hairs upon the petals. Close inspection of the lavender reveals many delicate pale blooms with a cobalt tinge to the flowers.    Continue reading “Lovely Lavender”

Wild Morning Sky

Deep purple and magenta colours are knockout this morning! The  deep shadowed tones of the neighbor’s rooftop is a sharp, contrast to the wild morning sky. Within 90 seconds,  the colours, the contrast,  were gone. An odd shape, on the far left looks like a Watcher upon the roof, waiting for the colours of theContinue reading “Wild Morning Sky”

Saturday Silly Art

Smiling and silly flower faces on Silly Saturday. A bit ‘bug eyed’  they jump right out!  Can you imagine doing some fun art faces with these flowers?   Coloring Books for grown ups. Perhaps, I could use these  flower photos as a tool,  a guide to make my own template for a coloring book pattern!Continue reading “Saturday Silly Art”

Stillness And Reflections

Quiet…. all around.  Not even the birds sing yet. The moments of serenity are savoured. Sipping coffee, I’m thinking about Christmas. What it means to me. Its more than shopping, buying, spending.  The ornament reflects my thoughts well.  It is filled with Light. I’m reflecting, looking at how the light is flickering off the tipContinue reading “Stillness And Reflections”