Gift Giving Is An Art

She gave me a gift and it was wrapped. Wrapped up with the most beautiful wrapping I’d ever seen. Her Love.     Simple, Unexpected gifts  speak volumes – don’t they?     Let’s  “pass this forward” this week…. brighten someone’s day!       Cheers, Debi      

Last Light…on the Indian Ocean

The winter sun. It doesn’t lazily meander down the horizon like the summer sunsets do. Oh no,  there is no lingering.     Indian Ocean Kalbarri, Western Australia.   The last light of the day flickers and gleams as the sun dives to kiss the Indian Ocean at dusk.     Its descent it moreContinue reading “Last Light…on the Indian Ocean”

Bright and Lovely and Good: Children

Life is Art. Art is Life. Children symbolise and convey all that is beauty,  all that is goodness, all that is loveliness in Life. The innocence of a child is beautiful. It is a gift.  It is precious. It is not to be…. squandered.     WE. Need to Celebrate Children.     WE. Need toContinue reading “Bright and Lovely and Good: Children”