Experimental Art Processes

The last few weeks have been quite prolific with a number of experimental drawing and painting workshops.  The themes ranged from Klee, Degas, to music, to landforms and then to pure imagination –  wonderful art creations  emerged though out the workshop processes!   Two of the key points in each of the workshops was (1)Continue reading “Experimental Art Processes”

Igniting the Fires of Creativity: art workshops

Igniting the fires of the imagination is a subject close to my heart.  I firmly believe we all have been given a form of creativity,  though as the years progress, for many of us,  it may have gone into hiding.  This post features several students’  imaginative and original art pieces created in class.   ItsContinue reading “Igniting the Fires of Creativity: art workshops”

Zen of Colour

Snippets of just a few of the styles and media planned for my  upcoming  “Zen of Colour”  creative art course at Atwell Gallery, Perth   Term 1     2015.   I will also be conducting a demo preview for this course at the Jackson’s Art Supplies  Alfred Cove, Perth  Thursday January  29,  2015 ColoursContinue reading “Zen of Colour”

The Feeling of the Land

The Feeling of the Land. I love the land, its colours, textures, shapes, layers and the richness of its dialogue.  Its more important to me, to convey the feeling of the place, its spirit rather than the precise exact details. When I paint, I feel it. I rely more on my creative intuition than onContinue reading “The Feeling of the Land”

What to paint? Day 2

What to paint?!   Ideas can be garnered from a simple roll of masking tape.  Yesterday’s post I mentioned using circles, flowers,  even  a roll of tape for painting ideas.       masking tape – an inspiring and creative tool just  Imagine  how it could be used in your designs think outside the box,Continue reading “What to paint? Day 2”

Fred Williams Australian master painter

I fell in love with Fred Williams long ago in Sydney. A close friend introduced us in an art gallery. Nothing has deterred my love of Fred, not his being deceased nor my being married,  What an artist! Often I think if I could just paint like Fred, or go where he went, or…. getContinue reading “Fred Williams Australian master painter”

Zen of Colour: In the Forest

Zen of Colour: In the Forest    is a creative  interpretative  watercolour  painting that evokes a lovely sense of tranquility.   This is primarily due to the simplified palette of mainly,   3 tubes of paint. I’ve used indigo for the deep darks,  zoisite a green grey for the back ground,  cobalt teal for theContinue reading “Zen of Colour: In the Forest”

Photos as Reference Material

Zoom into a flower with just the stamens, or zoom into a glass vase with just its reflections, maybe take a photo of just clouds only, or the ripples in a pool, perhaps in black and white, or sepia. In other words, take photos in a way you have not tried before nor have seenContinue reading “Photos as Reference Material”