A New Innocence

The Sleepwalkers. Its an old book, really old, 1959. Yet, I find it immensely compelling. The author, Arthur Koestler.   Who? …. nope, never heard of him. That’s alright, neither had I.  But, just read this:   “Every Creative Act involves a new innocence of perception liberated from the cataract of accepted belief.” Arthur Koestler,    TheContinue reading “A New Innocence”

What Would Michelangelo, Say?

I’ve been reading a couple books… well, several actually at the same time. Very unusual for me. Multi-tasking is so not, my forte. My preference is to fully engage, to finish something completely, before beginning any new project or story. Exception. Somehow paintings are different. Having 5-10 on the go at the same time, works beautifullyContinue reading “What Would Michelangelo, Say?”

Delacroix to Klee: Books to Inspire

Artists Eugene Delacroix,  Jean Leon Gerome  and  Paul Klee fill the pages – waiting to inspire me with magic woven with their hands, brushes, colours, paints and imaginations. A cherished book,  “Orientalism – Delacroix to Klee” tops my favourites list, with every page filled with a spectacular art image. Mesmerising! Orientalism – Delacroix to Klee  Continue reading “Delacroix to Klee: Books to Inspire”