Beginner Artists- Words of Encouragement

Those who create art, even as beginners:   you are artists. By virtue of the simple fact  that you have pursued your interest far enough to join an art course, you’ve purchased art materials, and you have begun creating.   You    –   are an artist – for you are creating art.    This  isContinue reading “Beginner Artists- Words of Encouragement”

Acrylic Paint: Achieving Textural Effects

Acrylics with impasto and gel mediums create superb contrasts of rough and smooth, peaks and valleys that I find quite beautiful and useful in many landscape and abstract paintings. This type of texture works great for tree bark, building walls, hills, ocean waves, even certain flowers lend well to this approach. I mixed the acrylicsContinue reading “Acrylic Paint: Achieving Textural Effects”

Watercolour Beginners: Paint with Just 3 Colours

Watercolour Beginners if you start off with 3 tubes of paints you can create all these and more colour mixes. BEGINNERS’    3  TUBES: Cobalt Blue  pb28     Permanent Rose pv19     Winsor Lemon py175               (Transparent Paint category) For new beginners, when just starting out, limitingContinue reading “Watercolour Beginners: Paint with Just 3 Colours”

Viridian, Ultramarine, Permanent Rose and Indian Yellow

Viridian, Ultramarine, Permanent Rose and Indian Yellow  watercolours and acrylic paints. Viridian and Permanent Rose are complements; Ultramarine blue and Indian yellow are near complements and they pair up harmoniously, whether in watercolours, acrylics or oils and are in my palette for both of the paintings shown. First painting “Bird of Paradise”  is a representationalContinue reading “Viridian, Ultramarine, Permanent Rose and Indian Yellow”

Acrylic Mixed Media Bright Floral

Bold cobalt and turquoise paired with rich orange & scarlets make a stunning pairing!   I haven’t sold this one as of yet;  I’d been “enjoying its company”  for a while.   It has a lovely fresh impressionistic feeling, very light and colourful. The process involved a loose drawing on sketch paper, then  taping plasticContinue reading “Acrylic Mixed Media Bright Floral”