Those Painted Hills

When words of a poet long passed, stir the artist’s soul to create… Create!       Paint the Hills Inspired with visions created within my mind, of granite layers and colors everywhere. I’ve interpreted   the poet’s words that paint. In my own way, impulsively and without thought, this time.       Let goContinue reading “Those Painted Hills”

Abstraction: Sand, Sea, Sun and Surf

Nothing but Fun today.  And,  Look at those shapes and textures! The subject in mind –  the beach, sun and sand, waves and water. Absolutely Abstract.         Abstractions Cool and inviting,   Cobalt Teal Blue beguiles, again.   Cobalt Teal Blue pg50 is an Opaque category pigment. Its not translucent or one of theContinue reading “Abstraction: Sand, Sea, Sun and Surf”