Gumnuts – The Star Within

The Beauty of the Forest continues…. little did I realize what the blossoms of the gum tree could create as the nut matured.   Once the flowers have fallen off the nut hardens.  As it does, it creates a stunning magenta and crimson inner circle, from which the Star emerges.     I have gone yearsContinue reading “Gumnuts – The Star Within”

Watercolor: Trees and Bark

I enjoy Nature. I love becoming absorbed with the small snippets and microcosms that segments can offer our eye and our imagination. It stirs. It Inspires!   Combining Loves, Watercolor and Trees Its no secret that I  adore trees. A Tree Hugger, at times.  You look through my posts, it becomes evident. The post TantalisingContinue reading “Watercolor: Trees and Bark”

Silly Saturday: Yellow and Greens

A Silly take on last Saturday’s whirlwind trip. I’ve created an Abstract acrylic painting on canvas using the palette knife in fun swirls of yellow, greens, blues.  A bit of silliness, never hurts!   My interpretation and explanation for  ‘Silly’ today, is simply that the yellow represents the lovely yellow shirt our granddaughter wore whenContinue reading “Silly Saturday: Yellow and Greens”

Palette Knife Colors

Explosions of color surprised me…..  I was just having a quick play testing some acrylics out with the palette knife.  Thinking about mixing up and testing colors and textures that I might use for bark, forest, trees. All spurred by my recent trip down south to see The Ancient Empire, the Valley of the GiantsContinue reading “Palette Knife Colors”

Abstract in Amethyst, Western Australia

Amethyst, Indigo, Violet merge and collide as I gaze down at the ocean and white sands from the small plane skimming along the remote Western Australian coastline just at dusk. A memory.  Glimspes of  a remembered past.  Colors bright and vibrant.  The buffed titanium sand beaches at dusk, shadowed with lavender swirls – soothe theContinue reading “Abstract in Amethyst, Western Australia”

Cool Purple Watercolor Textures

Lovely cool lavenders merge with turquoise blue on a sculptured,  impasto textured  Hot Press paper.  The whole process, from start to finish was a experimental technique that was super fun!   Great for Textures.  Fast, fun and playful watercolor technique. Easy.   Here’s how I did it.   I had some small pieces of watercolorContinue reading “Cool Purple Watercolor Textures”

Colorfilled Abstracts – Paul Jenkins

Artist Paul Jenkins filled his abstract canvases with roll the dice, sizzling color. “I utilise past experience and my knowledge of the odds.  It is a big gamble, and that is why I love it,” Jenkins said about his approach.  I can relate. Art is a risk. Its always a gamble.   Paul Jenkins PaulContinue reading “Colorfilled Abstracts – Paul Jenkins”

Resolve, Renew, Reinvent Your Paintings

Resolve. Renew. Reinvent!  Don’t panic too soon. Don’t throw your paintings away! They  can be resolved 99.99% of the time, one way or another.  Often, we just don’t know  The Way or “How To” … Yet!   Paintings To Resolve, Renew or Reinvent Sit down, list the correction options you do know about and seeContinue reading “Resolve, Renew, Reinvent Your Paintings”

Viridian, Ultramarine, Permanent Rose and Indian Yellow

Viridian, Ultramarine, Permanent Rose and Indian Yellow  watercolours and acrylic paints. Viridian and Permanent Rose are complements; Ultramarine blue and Indian yellow are near complements and they pair up harmoniously, whether in watercolours, acrylics or oils and are in my palette for both of the paintings shown. First painting “Bird of Paradise”  is a representationalContinue reading “Viridian, Ultramarine, Permanent Rose and Indian Yellow”

Cerulean and Prussian Blue Pair Up

Power house Prussian  blue and sensitive cerulean team up beautifully together in landscapes, still life or abstract paintings.  Lights and Darks contrast perfectly on the full sheet,  22 x 30 inch cotton rag watercolor paper.         Prussian Blue   Prussian blue pb27 is a very intense strong dark midnight blue with aContinue reading “Cerulean and Prussian Blue Pair Up”