Contemplative, Creative, Content driven photographs.


calm in the midst of chaos, nature photography, finding serenity, Perth zoo,
zoo meditations

Creative photographs:   turning the ordinary into something newly discovered.

When I take photos, most often it’s to fill the creative well.


sea foam at the beach, photography nature,
Sea Foam Sculptures in the sand


Sometimes, to serve as springboards to my painting processes.

I don’t actually use them to duplicate from….I already have the photo!




My creative processes and thoughts that I go through to produce an image are:  my own unique footprint. 

My own voice and interpretation.


It’s my creative process, and what works for me…..  won’t for  all people.We’re all different.




And, as I’ve mentioned many times, these aren’t concrete ‘rules’ … but,  more in the line of “Generally Speaking.”

There will always be an Exception. That,  is Life.

Ideally,  I try to frame the chosen focal point so its off centre. Normally, I do not want the focal point to be in the centre of the photo; nor do I want the photo divided half and half. i.e.  half is sky and half is land.  Its  generally better if I use a 1/3  and 2/3 ratio.



monochrome madness, macro photography, leaf textures, sepia photography, Wabi Sabi art photography,
The Leaf …… glorious textures

Discovering My Subject

Next,  is discovering innovative ways to See a subject to create an intriguing and unusual design.   I look to hunt out and find interesting things and ways to photograph them.


creative photography, conveying the mood and feeling, deliberate camera blur, landscape summers ending,
park land  days gone by 


I might try turning  camera vertical to take the shot;  or lay down on the ground & snapping closeups; or  looking UP into the tree canopy; taking photos of office equipment or  tools; or  tilting the camera at a diagonal; or compose a still life of my favorite old saddles, books & heirlooms.


In other words, I really start to look around each day at ordinary items  for intriguing light and shade, patterns, colours that may be found in them.

antique leather book, love, family,
Antique Aged Leather Book

By using my camera often  to  ‘crop’ out  clutter,  I actually train my own eye to Simplify out the unnecessary shapes. Which is Great for artists!!




Sometimes,  stark black and white can be quite revealing.

The mysteriousness and moodiness conveyed in the images has been enhanced by my choice in using b/w.

play like a child, art is fun, canon 600d, black and white photography,
Childs Play, at the park


Often,  I zoom in looking at my feet and make marvellous discoveries – from cracked rough hewn wood, to torrents of frothing water…. I love looking closer.

Contemplative art and photography is a wonderful  approach to my art journey that I’ve discovered.




While hiking near the rainforests of The Olympic National Forest, Washington State  I happened to come across a stunning waterfall.  By angling the camera quite sharply and vertically  I got this inspiring shot.

I deliberately created the angle, to hint at a Child’s eye view upwards.


In the common and often overlooked,  there is magic to be discovered.

 I just have to search and  hunt to see them.  

Inspiration Falls photo
Inspiration Falls photograph



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      1. thank you so much – its always handy to get some feedback on these posts! which ones help and which ones….. not so much ….lol
        thanks again 🙂


  1. Merlin is GORGOUS!! I wish you lived near by. I think we are so much alike, we would NEVER run out of things to say to one another! You are BRILLIANT (that seems like i’m complimenting myself, doesn’t it?) Your work is amazing, i suppose what i do mean about being alike, is our passion & fearlessness to try new things. Cool beans! ~amy & i’m signing up to your email thing (i hope you have one) so i can see everything you do from now on.

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