I can be contacted via


#1   my wordpress   comments section  is fast, quick, easy!

#2   Facebook  at….      Debi Riley Artist

#3   mobile 0400415416


and,  do  please use  This subject line:    “ART by debi”    so your message gets to me.


lily laptop  society  debiriley,
Water Lily, design at debiriley



my apologies in advance, if my response takes a few days,  I’m juggling teaching art courses at Atwell Gallery and as well as    UWA   University of Western Australia Extension, thanks!



8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Have enjoyed your blog, and the images of your work. From your clear, jargon free and undogmatic presentations, you must be a fine teacher. Honored by your comment on one of my pieces, and your visits to MagicNames.

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  2. In a reply to a post on my blog about silverpoint paper, you mentioned that you’d looked for this without success for ages. I found that Golden now makes a silverpoint ground with an acrylic base. I hope to give this a try. I’ll let you know. Traditional silverpoint ground would have used rabbit skin glue, so would be quite happy if the polymer works and saves to the poor bunnies.

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