I can be contacted via


#1   my wordpress   comments section  is fast, quick, easy!

#2   Facebook  at….      Debi Riley Artist

#3   mobile 0400415416


and,  do  please use  This subject line:    “ART by debi”    so your message gets to me.


lily laptop  society  debiriley,
Water Lily, design at debiriley



my apologies in advance, if my response takes a few days,  I’m juggling teaching art courses at Atwell Gallery and as well as    UWA   University of Western Australia Extension, thanks!



11 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Have enjoyed your blog, and the images of your work. From your clear, jargon free and undogmatic presentations, you must be a fine teacher. Honored by your comment on one of my pieces, and your visits to MagicNames.

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  2. In a reply to a post on my blog about silverpoint paper, you mentioned that you’d looked for this without success for ages. I found that Golden now makes a silverpoint ground with an acrylic base. I hope to give this a try. I’ll let you know. Traditional silverpoint ground would have used rabbit skin glue, so would be quite happy if the polymer works and saves to the poor bunnies.

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  3. Hi Deb, I have just found your site and love your bold, loose approach – and colour!! I would love to attend your Atwell class, but can’t make the advertised day. Do you teach anywhere on a Monday? Thanks!

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    1. thank you Andy, that is so kind and thoughtful!right now its just Tuesdays, but its possible that I may do some Wednesday workshops and a summer workshop in the future. Cheers, Debi


  4. Wow! Debi you are a busy busy girl. Thank you for the like on my blog/ website ~ it’s much appreciated. I guess you know how hard it is to get people to view your wonderful creations.
    I can identify with your work, having dabbled at watercolour & oils, way back. Lol
    Oh & photography.
    Silver-smithing & jewellery making is my latest endeavour exploring my creative side, it’s in it’s infancy and is my goal going forward. If you want to share a link, feel free.
    I have a free Business Newsletter, as you know, so you can have it delivered to your inbox, if you wish.
    You will find it here:
    Kind regards

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