Black Ink on watercolors

Hints of cobalt teal blue peep through.     Black Ink   Dark intense black ink drawn and splattered across the painted paper. Those dark lines rivet the eye and act like magnets. Some areas of ink were allowed to bleed and merge, just a little.   This was an abstract. Simply fun.  An experiment,Continue reading “Black Ink on watercolors”

Still Life floral watercolors

A nice easy and simple arrangement with two vases. One clear, one a dappled cobalt teal blue. Complementary pairing was used with the flowers – Yellow daffodils and Purple magnolias.           Still Life Techniques   Edges This painting, has a dominance of hard, sharp edges. This means it was painted onContinue reading “Still Life floral watercolors”

Sea Coves

Beautiful blues and crystal clear turquoise waters of the sea, seem to always draw us closer. Well, those colors mesmerise me at any rate!     Watercolor Experiments This was a lovely fun experiment.   Just simply pouring paints on and then watching their tiny particles float and drift, then finally sink as they dried.Continue reading “Sea Coves”

SO Zen! watercolor granulating pigments

Where would we be without the granulating pigments of watercolor? That’s a good question!       Watercolor Pigments Granulation is Texture. Texture creates depth, atmosphere, feeling and visual interest. The granulation adds ….  Mystery. Intrigue. It is yet another powerful tool to capture the audience.     My featured painting “So Zen”  used aContinue reading “SO Zen! watercolor granulating pigments”