Watercolour Landscape: Cerulean and Indigo

Limiting my watercolour palette to cerulean, indigo and a hint of cobalt violet helps to keep the colours clean. The watercolour landscape with trees and foliage reflecting into the water combined with the cool colours creates serenity and calm. I wanted to maintain a good balanced ratio of light tone, mid tone, dark tone throughoutContinue reading “Watercolour Landscape: Cerulean and Indigo”

Tree Reflections in Watercolour

Painting trees is a fun and relaxing subject in any media, for me.  But, it takes a little time to chill out and de-stress  before you’re ready and able to impart the serenity of the scene.  Rushing to paint after a hectic day, frantic drive or traffic jam  has led me to muddy up moreContinue reading “Tree Reflections in Watercolour”