Prussian Blue Pb27 (Oil Paint)

Prussian Blue,  a deep midnight black blue.  Pairing it with cobalt teal blue is sheer paradise. It packs a punch when used in mass tone, it is so dark and powerful.  Prussian Blue pb27 is one of my staple blues for color mixing, especially for foliage.   The closest I can get to mixing aContinue reading “Prussian Blue Pb27 (Oil Paint)”

Daniel Smith Watercolors: Gemstone Paints

Daniel Smith watercolors… they make it so difficult not to play!  And I’ve been playing and discovering new things with D.S. paints for over 25 years now. Whilst teaching my experimental Daniel Smith watercolor demos and workshops at their Seattle and Bellevue stores, a friend who was on staff there, chuckled abit at my outContinue reading “Daniel Smith Watercolors: Gemstone Paints”

How To Paint Watercolours Without Making Mud – 7 Tips

Watercolours are said to be the hardest medium to use, but I’ve found them the easiest of all. Making ‘mud’ is often one of the first problems that beginners mention especially when colour mixing browns, greys and greens. My tips in preventing mud are fairly simple and easy to remember and do. They have evolvedContinue reading “How To Paint Watercolours Without Making Mud – 7 Tips”

Watercolour Beginners: Paint with Just 3 Colours

Watercolour Beginners if you start off with 3 tubes of paints you can create all these and more colour mixes. BEGINNERS’    3  TUBES: Cobalt Blue  pb28     Permanent Rose pv19     Winsor Lemon py175               (Transparent Paint category) For new beginners, when just starting out, limitingContinue reading “Watercolour Beginners: Paint with Just 3 Colours”

Inspired by The Clouds

Clouds….. The artist’s candy store!   What lovely inspirational things clouds are.  Filled with gold and silver. Bright and bold. Even the plain jane grey clouds can become magnificent purple blacks with rosy inflections.     Georgia O’Keefe has a brilliant quote, “I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’tContinue reading “Inspired by The Clouds”

Resolving An Old Painting

A few weeks ago I posted  Good News about Epic Art Failures filled with several exuberant images that were not yet resolved. I had a bit of a think and reassessed the mountain created with watercolours using a palette knife.   I determined that the perimeters needed quite a bit of softening, which was done veryContinue reading “Resolving An Old Painting”

Many Moods of the Sea

Art inspired by the many faces of the ocean – vibrant tropical coral reefs, tide pools, windswept sea surface and sailing-  these images convey just a few of the many moods that the sea has to offer. The Ocean, in all its diversity provides me a rich and unlimited source of creative inspiration.  In yesterday’sContinue reading “Many Moods of the Sea”

Good News about Epic Art Failures

The Good News is there’s a lot to be gained by yesterday’s art wreckages. This morning I reviewed my ‘artistic overflow of enthusiasm’  i.e. experiments that look pretty horrible.   I came up with a plan and 6 ways these less than ideal images can be of use to me. I’m quite determined to salvageContinue reading “Good News about Epic Art Failures”

Scarlet Inferno – oils and graphite

Scarlet Red flashes amidst the dove grey and darker charcoals.  Like a cardinal flying in the winter skies of New England.  ……..I can imagine. I can imagine the white as snow falling upon the land, cooling.   One of my favourite mottos is  “Imagine and Create.” Indeed, I can Imagine!   Today was a bitContinue reading “Scarlet Inferno – oils and graphite”