Colors I Love (abstract in oils)

Blue and Orange. Variations of these two colors draw my eyes wherever I look.  I have always loved this duet that sings so gracefully,  in harmony. Perhaps, its another reason I’ve been so pulled to the land here in Australia. Those colors are present nearly everywhere. I think, I feel,  they Are …. The Land.Continue reading “Colors I Love (abstract in oils)”

‘Dry Bushland’ Landscape in Oils

Walking on the edge of Autumn, is a wonderfully creative zone to be in. Cool mornings finally settle into place. Scorches of summer heat have scarred the land however, in monochromatic crisp browns. I left early for my walk, grateful for the invigorating morning air and full of curiosity. Wondering. What things of interest mightContinue reading “‘Dry Bushland’ Landscape in Oils”

Prussian Blue Pb27 (Oil Paint)

Prussian Blue,  a deep midnight black blue.  Pairing it with cobalt teal blue is sheer paradise. It packs a punch when used in mass tone, it is so dark and powerful.  Prussian Blue pb27 is one of my staple blues for color mixing, especially for foliage.   The closest I can get to mixing aContinue reading “Prussian Blue Pb27 (Oil Paint)”

Oil Abstract with Landscape Theme

Landscape in oils: my interpretation of looking down from the air at the arid terrain of Western Australia.   Used 2 colours plus white, rubbing the paint into the canvas with cotton cloth. No brushes. Fun, Relaxing to create and paint. By rubbing the oil paint into the canvas it helps the oils to dryContinue reading “Oil Abstract with Landscape Theme”

Many Moods of the Sea

Art inspired by the many faces of the ocean – vibrant tropical coral reefs, tide pools, windswept sea surface and sailing-  these images convey just a few of the many moods that the sea has to offer. The Ocean, in all its diversity provides me a rich and unlimited source of creative inspiration.  In yesterday’sContinue reading “Many Moods of the Sea”

Scarlet Inferno – oils and graphite

Scarlet Red flashes amidst the dove grey and darker charcoals.  Like a cardinal flying in the winter skies of New England.  ……..I can imagine. I can imagine the white as snow falling upon the land, cooling.   One of my favourite mottos is  “Imagine and Create.” Indeed, I can Imagine!   Today was a bitContinue reading “Scarlet Inferno – oils and graphite”

Fred Williams Australian master painter

I fell in love with Fred Williams long ago in Sydney. A close friend introduced us in an art gallery. Nothing has deterred my love of Fred, not his being deceased nor my being married,  What an artist! Often I think if I could just paint like Fred, or go where he went, or…. getContinue reading “Fred Williams Australian master painter”