Lovely Lavender

Who can resist the soft lilac tones of the lovely lavender? Or the sweet scent in the morning air? I zoomed in as close as possible,  seeing even the tiny fine white hairs upon the petals. Close inspection of the lavender reveals many delicate pale blooms with a cobalt tinge to the flowers.    Continue reading “Lovely Lavender”

A Rose

At the break of day, just as the sun crept above the horizon I zipped out to the garden. Before the dawn’s light waned and the stronger mid morning light prevailed; before the sweltering heat played drumbeats in my head.        In the Garden, she arose.     High Key Filled with LightContinue reading “A Rose”

Midnight of Eidolon: Monday

Moody Monday at midnight…. capturing the Indigo Falls And, thinking of Edgar A. Poe’s   Dreamland once again. ….of Eidolon on his Night Throne.       (Dawn Falls a near opposite, is a great partner post to have a quick look at along with this image.)             Both paintings are inContinue reading “Midnight of Eidolon: Monday”

In Gratitude, Jan 1 2016

Its a good day to reflect, In Gratitude.  I look back at all the many friends, neighbors, relatives that have – at a crucial point in time, made a difference.  Most,  are unaware of how much impact they had upon the course of my life. Jan Vincent,  a treasured friend,  painted this miniature for me.Continue reading “In Gratitude, Jan 1 2016”

Sky Dreaming Australia

Breathtaking, as the last light is fading into darkness  a magic fills the sky.  A sense of serenity and wonder perfume the air as that last sliver of sun slips below the Indian Ocean.  I’m loving that vibrancy of scarlet with the deep velvet black contrasts of the crane shapes swinging gently on the eveningContinue reading “Sky Dreaming Australia”

Irresistible Colours of Rosemary

I was surprised. Amazed.   I’d planned to post my paintings….. But the colours of the rosemary were simply irresistible.  Cobalt Blue, Maroon, Lavender, Lime green, Rose Pink, Silvery sage green.  The more I look,  the more colours I see! Rosemary    Rosmarinus Officinalis Rosemary is a Mediterranean spice with ‘reported’ benefits.  Apparently, no oneContinue reading “Irresistible Colours of Rosemary”

Acrylics: Cobalt Sky Landscape

The shock of the nearly overpowering cobalt blue sky is what grabs you first when you step out of the cool four wheel drive into the stark outback wilderness. Miles and miles of endless red dirt and cobalt blue sky. I loved it!   Acrylic Landscape The only break is the occasional outcrop of rockContinue reading “Acrylics: Cobalt Sky Landscape”