Many Moods of the Sea

Art inspired by the many faces of the ocean – vibrant tropical coral reefs, tide pools, windswept sea surface and sailing-  these images convey just a few of the many moods that the sea has to offer. The Ocean, in all its diversity provides me a rich and unlimited source of creative inspiration.  In yesterday’sContinue reading “Many Moods of the Sea”

Inspiration from the Sea

The shimmering turquoise waters of Esperance paired with stunning white beaches has given me lovely memories, as well as some nice shots.  These photographs are several in a series that were quite ‘entertaining’   to take….. whilst out knee deep in the water.  Refreshing.     And, from the colour schemes to the subject matterContinue reading “Inspiration from the Sea”

Good News about Epic Art Failures

The Good News is there’s a lot to be gained by yesterday’s art wreckages. This morning I reviewed my ‘artistic overflow of enthusiasm’  i.e. experiments that look pretty horrible.   I came up with a plan and 6 ways these less than ideal images can be of use to me. I’m quite determined to salvageContinue reading “Good News about Epic Art Failures”

Scarlet Inferno – oils and graphite

Scarlet Red flashes amidst the dove grey and darker charcoals.  Like a cardinal flying in the winter skies of New England.  ……..I can imagine. I can imagine the white as snow falling upon the land, cooling.   One of my favourite mottos is  “Imagine and Create.” Indeed, I can Imagine!   Today was a bitContinue reading “Scarlet Inferno – oils and graphite”

Cerulean and Prussian Blue Pair Up

Power house Prussian  blue and sensitive cerulean team up beautifully together in landscapes, still life or abstract paintings.  Lights and Darks contrast perfectly on the full sheet,  22 x 30 inch cotton rag watercolor paper.         Prussian Blue   Prussian blue pb27 is a very intense strong dark midnight blue with aContinue reading “Cerulean and Prussian Blue Pair Up”

Imagination is the beginning of creation

George Bernard Shaw’s brilliant quote, “Imagination is the Beginning of Creation”  is one I love. Calvin Coolidge said, “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence.” Both persistence and imagination have been my ‘co helpers’ as I paint and create for over two decades.     Imagination and Creation   Imagination, creation, inspirationContinue reading “Imagination is the beginning of creation”

Photos as Reference Material

Zoom into a flower with just the stamens, or zoom into a glass vase with just its reflections, maybe take a photo of just clouds only, or the ripples in a pool, perhaps in black and white, or sepia. In other words, take photos in a way you have not tried before nor have seenContinue reading “Photos as Reference Material”