Easy Beginners Watercolour Techniques

Easy Beginners Watercolour Techniques revolve around watercolours being fun, lively playful and forgiving!  They are so easy to correct mistakes, they really are perfect for beginners. These Watercolour Beginner’s  snippets and tidbits will  help get you started and keep you moving forward in a fun and fast paced approach.   Watercolour Beginner Techniques For theContinue reading “Easy Beginners Watercolour Techniques”

Beginners Watercolours: 10 Tips to Get You Started

Watercolour Beginners need good,  solid logical step by step, help and tips in getting started.  What can I suggest?   First of all,  a logical sequential ordered Learning plan is called for. Haphard reading of art books presents a problem of chaos for the watercolour beginner. In chaos most of us do not learn as easily.  AndContinue reading “Beginners Watercolours: 10 Tips to Get You Started”

Prussian Blue Pb27 Colour Mixing Ideas

Prussian blue is a deep and mysterious blue paint that creates the most magnificent foliage greenery. I love its tonal ranges from a very dilute pale cool greeny blue to the full mass tone of near midnight blue black.       Prussian Blue This blue paint was created by accident around 1706 by aContinue reading “Prussian Blue Pb27 Colour Mixing Ideas”

Watercolour Painting Gordonia Blossom

The lovely Gordonia Axillaris is an evergreen tree with a funny nickname “fried egg” plant!  When its blossoms fall, they drop around the tree face up leaving the golden orange yellow centre popping out in the middle of the frilly white petals. Looking like dozens of fried eggs. The Gordonia belongs to the Theaceae  ‘teaContinue reading “Watercolour Painting Gordonia Blossom”

Watercolour Sunset for Beginners

A basic watercolour sunset can be created by using a variegated wash with winsor lemon and permanent rose colour mixes.  A couple of key factors:    limit your colours to avoid mud,  ensure the top of the sky is darker & the horizon is much paler  and Test the colours first. I like to applyContinue reading “Watercolour Sunset for Beginners”

How To Self “Critique” Your Paintings

How do I fix my paintings?  How can I tell what needs to be fixed? How do I critique my work?  A phrase I prefer over self critique is self assessment, a much more positive and hopeful turn of phrase. I also prefer the term ‘not yet resolved’ over the dismal, its a ‘failure’.  Continue reading “How To Self “Critique” Your Paintings”

Express Your Self With Paints

Paints are the artist’s words.  Express your Self!   Yesterday, it was brought home to me just how desperate we are to paint like someone who is ‘famous and well regarded.’  Halfway through teaching my class, a man pops into my classroom out of the blue and asks me where he can go to learnContinue reading “Express Your Self With Paints”

3 Tips to Banish Boring Brushstrokes

I want powerful, dynamic brushstrokes!  I want them lively, not boring.  And, I want  1 brushstroke to do the job of 20……. Its not that I’m slacking off,  I tell myself I’m  ‘efficient.’   I’d like  my time, effort and energy to be optimised to the maximum possible. You too?  I thought so!  Let me tell youContinue reading “3 Tips to Banish Boring Brushstrokes”

Zen of Art: Taming the Dragon Perfectionism

Zen of Art. How to tame the Dragon called Perfectionism? In search of perfection.  A tantalising empty promise. An Illusion. “How Good” does my art have to be, before I’m satisfied?  When will I be content and not frustrated?    What does it actually take?  And hey! why should I bother thinking about this anyway?!Continue reading “Zen of Art: Taming the Dragon Perfectionism”

5 Things To Know About Colour

Colour – Its all about colour!  Here’s  5  easy things that usually help me to get a better painting. It really doesn’t matter if  I’m painting in acrylics, oils, watercolours either! 1. Colour creates  the mood I choose the kind of mood and atmosphere I want, then  select the colours that will enhance and ‘setContinue reading “5 Things To Know About Colour”