The Possibilities

The Possibilities a post of content. depth. heart. A 2 minute read.   stripped bare weeping, nevermore. the dark winds pass. my own light rises. my own voice sings. my own thoughts shatter the prison doors they  thought would hold me.         An artist held in the grip of the crowd, the popularContinue reading “The Possibilities”

Wednesday: Watercolor in Greens

Glorious Greens. Wet flowing watercolors.  Olive and Lime greens,  running off the paper. Blue-green drips down and splashes, making its own path. Its own mark.   Wild Watercolor Greens Allowed to run with abandon upon a dampened receptive, willing, surface.  They can be so exciting.  And they can be so terribly frustrating. There’s such pleasureContinue reading “Wednesday: Watercolor in Greens”

Painting Watercolour In The Wilds 6 Tips

Do you want to take your watercolours and go paint out in the wilds of nature, but have held back? Had a few concerns?  I used to as well, but now,  I love painting outdoors!   6 Tips To Easier, More Comfortable Plein Air Painting These 6 tips really helped me to enjoy painting outdoorsContinue reading “Painting Watercolour In The Wilds 6 Tips”

Judicious Texture II 2015

Where does texture and detail belong?   When to stop painting!?  How to avoid fiddling?  It is a matter of simply reminding yourself as you are painting, there are 3 main areas to your composition. Background, Middleground and Foreground. 3 Main Textural Areas:  Background, Middleground, Foreground   Each of these areas is to be handledContinue reading “Judicious Texture II 2015”

The Dreams of An 8 Year Old Artist

Dreams of a child and the power in a word.   She dreamt of drawing and painting. Shy, uncertain. So, I used a different word….. ‘experiments.’ Her 8 year old face lit up, I suspect – with hope.  I may have just given her the one word that allowed her to try again, without fearingContinue reading “The Dreams of An 8 Year Old Artist”