Depth: Background, Middleground, Foreground

One of the challenges for beginners learning to paint is creating depth in the landscape or still life.  Often areas appear flat, floating, lacking depth. Why? How can you prevent it?   Depth: Back, Middle and Front In order for the painting to read as if it has depth, the beginner needs to understand theContinue reading “Depth: Background, Middleground, Foreground”

Acrylics: Cobalt Sky Landscape

The shock of the nearly overpowering cobalt blue sky is what grabs you first when you step out of the cool four wheel drive into the stark outback wilderness. Miles and miles of endless red dirt and cobalt blue sky. I loved it!   Acrylic Landscape The only break is the occasional outcrop of rockContinue reading “Acrylics: Cobalt Sky Landscape”

Painting Impressionistic Landscapes

Loose, free, colourful, impressionistic – thats how I love to paint landscapes.  Using the Impressionistic  approach I’ll use my hand, my brush, a colour to put my own personal interpretation of the subject into the paintings.  I enjoy bold colour applied with confidence, something that looks like I was having fun!   I really don’tContinue reading “Painting Impressionistic Landscapes”

Watercolour Landscape: Cerulean and Indigo

Limiting my watercolour palette to cerulean, indigo and a hint of cobalt violet helps to keep the colours clean. The watercolour landscape with trees and foliage reflecting into the water combined with the cool colours creates serenity and calm. I wanted to maintain a good balanced ratio of light tone, mid tone, dark tone throughoutContinue reading “Watercolour Landscape: Cerulean and Indigo”

Watercolour Branch and Leaves

Simple designs often work out better than an elaborately constructed composition. This simple watercolour in a limited palette works well with the stark white of the paper as the background. The watercolour paints used were terre verte, indigo and burnt sienna.   The branch has adequate tonal value shading, being lighter on the top andContinue reading “Watercolour Branch and Leaves”

Prussian Blue Pb27 (Oil Paint)

Prussian Blue,  a deep midnight black blue.  Pairing it with cobalt teal blue is sheer paradise. It packs a punch when used in mass tone, it is so dark and powerful.  Prussian Blue pb27 is one of my staple blues for color mixing, especially for foliage.   The closest I can get to mixing aContinue reading “Prussian Blue Pb27 (Oil Paint)”

Daniel Smith Watercolors: Gemstone Paints

Daniel Smith watercolors… they make it so difficult not to play!  And I’ve been playing and discovering new things with D.S. paints for over 25 years now. Whilst teaching my experimental Daniel Smith watercolor demos and workshops at their Seattle and Bellevue stores, a friend who was on staff there, chuckled abit at my outContinue reading “Daniel Smith Watercolors: Gemstone Paints”

How To Paint Watercolours Without Making Mud – 7 Tips

Watercolours are said to be the hardest medium to use, but I’ve found them the easiest of all. Making ‘mud’ is often one of the first problems that beginners mention especially when colour mixing browns, greys and greens. My tips in preventing mud are fairly simple and easy to remember and do. They have evolvedContinue reading “How To Paint Watercolours Without Making Mud – 7 Tips”

From the Artist’s Studio

I find on occasion, myself in a quandary of what to do once I’m finally in the studio with time to paint.  I might have to then look around the studio for some ideas, inspiration, anything that sparks an interest. It could be ‘just playing’ with paint in a glass vase. It could be a full sheetContinue reading “From the Artist’s Studio”

Beginner Artists- Words of Encouragement

Those who create art, even as beginners:   you are artists. By virtue of the simple fact  that you have pursued your interest far enough to join an art course, you’ve purchased art materials, and you have begun creating.   You    –   are an artist – for you are creating art.    This  isContinue reading “Beginner Artists- Words of Encouragement”