Indigo, Cobalt Teal, Yellow Green Vase

One of my favourite vases caught my eye today. Its deep indigo, ultramarine, cobalt teal, yellow green seemed to call out to me to look, to pay attention. The vase had been tucked away behind many of my art supplies for a number of months, but today I saw it with new eyes. As IContinue reading “Indigo, Cobalt Teal, Yellow Green Vase”

Banish Boring Brushstrokes: Part 2

The Masters knew. Make every brush stroke count.  Each should sing! It should be easy, painting a single brushstroke onto a canvas creating a mark that is luminous and clean, fresh and lively – not boring!  Full of texture, color and of course, with a good tonal range. That doesn’t sound too difficult, but it isContinue reading “Banish Boring Brushstrokes: Part 2”

3 Tips to Banish Boring Brushstrokes

I want powerful, dynamic brushstrokes!  I want them lively, not boring.  And, I want  1 brushstroke to do the job of 20……. Its not that I’m slacking off,  I tell myself I’m  ‘efficient.’   I’d like  my time, effort and energy to be optimised to the maximum possible. You too?  I thought so!  Let me tell youContinue reading “3 Tips to Banish Boring Brushstrokes”

Zen of Art: Taming the Dragon Perfectionism

Zen of Art. How to tame the Dragon called Perfectionism? In search of perfection.  A tantalising empty promise. An Illusion. “How Good” does my art have to be, before I’m satisfied?  When will I be content and not frustrated?    What does it actually take?  And hey! why should I bother thinking about this anyway?!Continue reading “Zen of Art: Taming the Dragon Perfectionism”

5 Things To Know About Colour

Colour – Its all about colour!  Here’s  5  easy things that usually help me to get a better painting. It really doesn’t matter if  I’m painting in acrylics, oils, watercolours either! 1. Colour creates  the mood I choose the kind of mood and atmosphere I want, then  select the colours that will enhance and ‘setContinue reading “5 Things To Know About Colour”

Scarlet Red Flowers: Photographs

Stunning scarlet red flowers create powerful and dramatic photographs with their fiery colour displays.  Flame tree blossoms, poppies, roses and grevillia provide lovely eye treats with their colours bursting into life full of red delicious warmth and vitality! Red is a powerhouse colour; strong, dominant, energetic, lively and full of heat. As I have mentioned inContinue reading “Scarlet Red Flowers: Photographs”

Impressionistic Watercolour Landscapes: Creative Line Use

Creative, imaginative and different.  Unexpected!   I like to see some surprises in my watercolour landscapes. Both landscapes I’ve shown, have illustrated a creative use of Line.  Not Line use in the traditional, regular sense of Line work, but in imaginative ways that make the paintings resonate within.   Watercolours Blurred Lines Landscapes fulfils forContinue reading “Impressionistic Watercolour Landscapes: Creative Line Use”

Power in The Line (Design Tips for Beginners)

There is a wealth of untapped Power in the Line waiting for the beginner artist to learn to use. Lines are an intriguing and fascinating part of art design and is one of the most versatile tools the artist has to work with. The voice of a Line can whisper, beckon, gently guide, hug orContinue reading “Power in The Line (Design Tips for Beginners)”

Painting with Depth: Background to Foreground

As I paint, my goal is to create the sense of seamless progression of back to front, i.e.  background into the middle ground and then foreground.  The prior post  Depth,  shared information on how Colour  is a great tool to create  the illusion of this kind of depth in a painting.  Edges and Tonal valuesContinue reading “Painting with Depth: Background to Foreground”