Its A Walk In The Park

This, is how I see the world around me.  My vision, through my artist’s eyes. I was back in town with over an hour to spare. And once again decided to venture to King’s Park in Perth. Wondering what treats and surprises might await me…..this time!     King’s Park Perth, WA The flower seasonContinue reading “Its A Walk In The Park”

Playful and Fun: Mark Making

Palette Knife  fun combined with exploring the ipad camera functions. A great way to do a little art and do a little experimentation!     Fun Mark Making Paintings   First Image Acrylic Marks with a Palette Knife Materials: Palette Knife pk1008 Cartridge  paper   – non archival,  non acid free,  (this will deteriorate inContinue reading “Playful and Fun: Mark Making”

The Calm Call of White Space

White space in paintings and photos is a bit like white noise. How? They both help to create and foster a calm and peaceful ambience.  You can use white space to create better compositions and convey a story. If, … you want.     The Calm Restfulness of White There is a sense of peaceContinue reading “The Calm Call of White Space”

Blue Lake – Acrylic Abstract

Wow – Day 24 already in the May “Create and Post Everyday” Challenge!  What’s the agenda today?  Diving into the deep inviting cobalt blue lake  surrounded by a warm  golden burnt sienna cliff face.  “The Blue Lake,”  acrylic abstract!       Acrylic Abstract   Blue Lake. The deep blue was created with a combinationContinue reading “Blue Lake – Acrylic Abstract”