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I hope you’re having an enjoyable wander,  finding things that pique your interest.

For the Beginner Watercolorists, you’ll find a lot of resource information within the Watercolor Basics Page.  Others,  interested in a broader scope of experimental art, expressing creativity, learning how to see things differently…. The Search button will be a fabulous tool!

Debi Riley, Visual Arts Instructor



Why I teach & share Art ….

I find I always want to know “the Why” of things!

So, “why” do I teach?

I find it incredibly satisfying to share with others the different ways  Individuals may  express their own uniquely creative voice,  their own thoughts and feelings.

To find their pathway to artistic authenticity.

Wall art Debiriley Society6.com
Express Your  SELF

Where You Can Find Me

Atwell Gallery         http://atwellarts.weebly.com/debi-riley—watercolour.html

I am,  2-3 x week, posting on Instagram so you can see my recent activities & projects there.

Instagram             https://www.instagram.com/debi.riley/


Online shops:    Society6.com        &      Redbubble.com

bright, colorful floral purple, wall art, vintage home decor, debiriley.com


 Love  of  Diversity

I  was,   a pure watercolorist.

watercolor trees, painting watercolour forest trees, debiriley.com, simplify the scene, indigo Daniel Smith watercolours
Forest Trees Rising

For many years I taught  “Absolute Beginners Watercolours”  at a community college in Sydney. Life changed with a series of multiple international transfers.  However, with those exciting transfers to new  cities, art centres, colleges,  I heard the same thing.


We  don’t need a beginner’s watercolour teacher.  We already have one.”

Many times though,  that “No” was followed with a new question.

“But,  can you teach something  Different?

And each time I said,   “YES. I CAN.”

I adapted.   My mindset changed.

Different   isn’t merely what I’m used to doing now,    it is truly what I most enjoy doing.

I don’t think I am nearly as afraid of “NO”  now.

“No”  has taught me so many lessons.    Presenting the opportunity to  build resilience, resolve, and to become more purpose driven.  Learning to take Risks in being authentically, vulnerably, Different.

color medley monday, floral painting, acrylic flower abstract, cobalt teal art, debiriley.com
Color Medley ….  debiriley Society 6.com
Art Awards Highlights     
  • 2015   Curators Pick          Indian Ocean      MCAA     Art Awards
  • 2014   Mastery of Technique       Zen I      Watercolour 1st  Prize    MCAA
  • 2005   First Place Watercolors     Landscape II     “Outstanding  Artistic Vision,  Exceptional skill in the media”    North Central Texas College  judge,    Dan Bills
  • 1998   The Outstanding Work Modern Section  Night Rider   “Impressive  image,  sensitive,   economical in its colour, tonal and shape relationships”   judge,  Patrick Carroll
  • 1999   Grand Champion of Show    Landscape Untitled    Watercolour Art Prize   Manella Show
Visual  Arts  Instructor 

I’m appreciative of the wonderful mentoring of  Jan Vincent and  David Taylor.   I’d like to  encourage, enthuse and inspire others just as generously as they have done for me.

105 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for spending some time over at Okanagan Okanogan! It’s a thrill to have you walking o long with me through the grass today! Australia, Washington, Texas… where are you now? Best, Harold


    1. Your photos caught my eye. Family used to go to Tonasket & Sun Lakes in summer to visit replies, so the area ‘looked familiar’! love your sense of colour, composition, light and shade. we’re in Perth, Western Australia now. I’ll visit your site again, thanks!


  2. Hi Debi: I am new to receiving your blogs….just signed up..I am a “Raw Beginner”..in learning about art but just to let you know ..your teaching is excellent..and I am happy to,join your followers!..I live in Canada..and a small scenic city!..Picking up on .. “Colour “..joanne

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  3. Debi, thanks for stopping by my Kamakura Mirror Micropoetry blog. I’ve have been thinking of starting watercolors, so finding your blog is a kind of serendipity. I’ll start with “10 Tips to Get You Started.”


  4. Hi Debi (and as I type Debi, I realized that I may gave called you Deb on a reply)
    Anyway – I had to smile at your About comments. The knowledge of art without the knowledge of computer 🙂
    I look forward to checking out your work!

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  5. Deb – I am SO EXCITED that your blog appeared in my WordPress feed! I am a beginner trying to teach myself watercolor painting – and your post today was so valuable to me! Can’t wait to read more and follow and learn from you!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Jodi, I’m glad too! Hopefully, the tips help eliminate frustrations you face just setting out in watercolours 🙂 Thank you for coming in to have a look- liking, following, sharing etc… I appreciate it!!
      And, If you have some watercolour questions that pop up ask. If I can answer them, I will! thank you for stopping in & your kind comments 🙂 Debi

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  6. Hi Debi, thanks for your wonderful feedback on “Letters”, I could tell immediately that you’re also an artist – I’m looking forward to exploring your hub – thanks for stopping by, keep in touch!

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    1. my pleasure! and being new to the website world…. I find its great when I get interesting ‘meaty’ feedback comments. I look forward to seeing more of your work! wish my students could See That! 🙂


  7. Thank you for spending some time on my website and leaving some comments. It drew my attention to your exciting website, which I’m thrilled to discover. I’m off to discover more of your work now.

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  8. Hi Debi! Nice to meet another Washingtonian! 😊 Thank you for liking so many posts on my blog – such a nice surprise! 💙 Glad to see you like color too and experimenting in different art mediums! YAY! 🎨 I look forward to reading your posts too – I’m now a follower of your blog! 😊😄😊

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  9. Hi Debi,
    How stunning to get all your likes this morning!!! And that from a fellow artist! Thank you so much for them!
    And then discovering your lively, beautiful art blog!!!! I like your paintings and thoughts about art…and colour…very much!
    The trip I have begun here just now seems so fascinating, contagious, and it sparks my imagination.
    I have begun to follow you ! Looking forward to my next visit!
    Thanks, Debi!
    All the best, Petra

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  10. i cannot believe i’ve not read this About section before. I’m not famous, or have any awards. I taught myself how to paint with watercolor & loved it. I have been commissioned for a prayer book. but reading this was a bit of a shock because i just started a new painting, using everything the art kids have taught me over the years. a bit of this & that, perhaps that will be the paintings title? Forgive me for not reading this before now, Deb. I’ve always enjoyed seeing you in my comments & considered you a friend. Your work is amazing. i’m looking for your coon cat picture now…talk to you later! ~amy

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  11. Thanks for visiting my blog. Wishing you every success in your artistic explorations. From what I can glean from your autobiography, you deserve it too! Best wishes, Stephen.

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  12. Debi – Thanks for stopping by Art & Tulips. You are a person after my own heart (“Sure, I can teach that!”) In San Diego now, but from Whidbey Island, Bellevue, Seattle…Walla Walla… 😉
    Your work is lovely. Molly

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  13. Oh my goodness! I’m so glad you stumbled across my blog because that has led me to yours. The visuals here are beautiful. Stunning. I love that you have embraced trying out new ideas and techniques. Just yesterday I mentioned to someone that I dabble in photography by default – because I don’t know how to paint. Maybe I should just be brave and give it a try! K. Xx

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      1. I’m a fan of abstracts, generally speaking. Yours are fabulous so I was quite surprised to find myself most drawn to “Summer colours”. Maybe it’s the shaped border. Or maybe it’s because it reminds me of where I walk my dog. The colours. I don’t know what it is – specifically – but I love, love, love that painting.

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  14. Dear Debi, I’ve just received the WordPress 2015 annual report, and you are one of the people who commented the most my website. So I just wanted to say THANK YOU, have a wonderful new year and great new Art coming.

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  15. Thanks so much for checking out my blog, Debi. I also love painting, but I’ve found that my time has been taken up with writing and quilting so there isn’t much time left to devote to painting. Maybe I’ll get inspired to pick up the brushes again by following your blog.

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    1. you’re welcome! and its so true, there’s little enough time to do what one has set as a focus; let alone all the other little side bits and tangents!
      I’ll look at your site for ‘cool misty relief’, you have great photos of the NW!

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  16. Phew > That quote from Herman Melville is so true and definitely inspiring. I feel like rolling up my sleeves and getting on with it right now! Love your impressionist water technique. Do you reveal how to do that somewhere in your blog?

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    1. Thank you Andy! yes! Best bet is to go to my Page, Watercolor Basics, scroll thru links to view the posts on w/c for tips and info. There’s plenty to choose from 🙂

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  17. Hi Debi, I found your site via Charlie O’Shields doodlewashes. On your home page, I noticed you have quite a few Australian plant imagery, so wondered if you were Australian. Reading this About page, it seems your American, travellin’ around with hubby. What an adventure that must be! I have no doubt you are finding Aussie plants make for great inspiration for abstractions, as I’ve noted. I like them too, for that reason, and because they’re colourful, weird, unique and sometimes whacky! Now a Follower… 😀
    Oh, PS: I think it would be most helpful to list out, in full, the name of an organisation that gave you an Award, as we don’t know acronyms, eg MCAA.

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  18. Hi Debi I came across your beautiful Art and Blog from a comment that you left to John latest featured at Doodlewash. I am glad I came to visit and see your creativity. I am an artist designer and I love to express my creativity uniquely and in different mediums I can relate with you in a way we are similar. I see that you love to experiment same me! I create unique jewelry inspired by nature and I love watercolors, photography, digital art, illustration, poetry and more. I just follow your Blog and I hope that you will visit mine I am always happy to interact with other inspiring artists 😉 Cheers Carolina

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    1. wow! just had a quick sneak peek!! fabulous website and I will get back for a longer look too Caroline! thank you for the follow. and your birthday is the same as my daughters!!!

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    1. hi Sally! I’m a Sydney ite at heart, lived there for 12+ years. now in Perth, missing my Sydney but visit son and family there.
      Thank You, Sally for stopping in and having a look around!

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  19. “It’s better to fail at originality than to succeed at imitation” (Herman Melville). Profound? Yes. But how do we find originality when as artists, poets, writers et al our daily bread is discovering the inspiration that great artists share with us. And from that inspiration we take a little here and there and add a little of our own; then from the mix we create something we choose to call originality which in time becomes our style. I don’t know how you found me or what attracted you but I am always pleased to find another creative in the world. Keep well. James

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    1. Hi James, great comment!! Thanks for that. We artists do breathe in, little bits of inspirations all around us, all the time! I found you from looking at some new writing/photo tags of WP…and then just looking! lol Thanks so much, for stopping by and ‘chatting.’ Cheers, Debi


  20. Dear Debi, i have turned to your “about” page to gather some guidance on what you and others have published there. I find this world of the internet a bit overwhelming and also simply wonderful. i am so pleased to be able to see some of your work and learn from you. i hope to move into more abstract rendering of my images and thoughts and to gradually create a better blog as well.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

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    1. internet. it is a minefield! for me its like wandering into the huge endless State library…. and feeling lost in the vastness. but its much better when I go with a specific, narrow, target to search for on that day. I did not begin…my painting life in abstracts. it slowly emerged. evolved. as i used my camera also to snap shots, I found out I zoomed in on abstracted patterns so very often! we learn. we grow. I like the saying, “water upon the stones” for to me it reflects that with time and persistence, I will… get there. and so will YOU!! thank You so much Holly for such a lovely comment here. I honestly, value it! cheers, Debi


      1. Thank you Debi, for taking the time to respond. I find the camera is a useful tool for as you say, zooming in on what attracts one to an object and learning about it’s properties through framing and exposure. I am also learning to use my sketchbook as my primary recording device because when i do i find i am really observing and seeing.

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    1. thank you, so much! I’m glad that you are enjoying my website and the information I’ve written! Art, is a most amazing way of being. I love it 🙂 thank you again. cheers, Debi


      1. You are welcome Debi. My mom was an artist and a master with oils. Her talents didn’t seem to manifest in my gene structure although I keep trying. After all Monet, Katz and van Gogh were late bloomers, lol. We enjoy your talents a lot.

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      1. Thank you for sharing such positive feedback. Yes, my poems come from the heart and it makes me smile to know that you receive that message when you read them. Have a beautiful day.


  21. Hi Debi, what a delightful, inspiring, all encompassing take on creativity you have. From the quick look at your work on this page I like it – a lot! Thank you so much for the follow. I think you’ve hooked me in too 🙂


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