Prussian Blue, Lunar Black and Goethe

When I paint, most of the enjoyment comes from creating new color blends. Its really not painting a scene, that most likely, a million others have done before. No.  Its the thrill of creating, by chance, inventing a blend that is Unique. That…. remains the most amazing thing for me.       Color –Continue reading “Prussian Blue, Lunar Black and Goethe”

Cobalt Teal Blue: Stages of Art

  “We arrive totally new at the various stages of life and there we often lack experience despite the number of our years.” Francoise de La Rochefoucauld VI  1613  French writer     In Stages I think his quote sums up our experience with painting, art, as well.   Every time we think we attainContinue reading “Cobalt Teal Blue: Stages of Art”

The World of Watercolor: Loose And Free!

Do you love watercolor?  Love its translucency, its soft melting edges? Love Colors that seemingly flow together to create something that the hand, the brush could not quite have dobbed or dabbed into being? I do.     Watercolor Loose and Free Freedom of Expression What purpose such looseness and freedom serve, we may wonder.Continue reading “The World of Watercolor: Loose And Free!”

All Things Watercolor

What do watercolor beginners want to know? What do beginners  need  to know? I think we all wish to spend a little less, create a little more, and see greater improvements in our work. That’s at the heart of our watercolor wants.    So,  what can we do and what do we need to learn in orderContinue reading “All Things Watercolor”

SO Zen! watercolor granulating pigments

Where would we be without the granulating pigments of watercolor? That’s a good question!       Watercolor Pigments Granulation is Texture. Texture creates depth, atmosphere, feeling and visual interest. The granulation adds ….  Mystery. Intrigue. It is yet another powerful tool to capture the audience.     My featured painting “So Zen”  used aContinue reading “SO Zen! watercolor granulating pigments”

What You Get…. (Benefits of watercolor paint test strips)

Testing…. test strips for Watercolor. What’s in it for you? The relevance, the value, The Benefits of having a Test Strip at the ready every time you paint. It may not sound like fun at first but it certainly can be.     Watercolor Mixing and Testing     Learning Points about Test Strips   Continue reading “What You Get…. (Benefits of watercolor paint test strips)”

Fine Forest Finds

Silly Saturday! From walking in the woods to fine forest finds, such lovely discoveries were made. Yesterday’s playful Daniel Smith watercolor mixings was so Fun! Looking at these patterns and colors of the bark and lichen – can You – come up with  “Color Recipes” to emulate?       Why don’t you give itContinue reading “Fine Forest Finds”