Summer Days, memories and feelings of summers past,

The word, “Summer” conjures up a myriad of thoughts, ideas, feelings.



Summer Days, memories and feelings of summers past,
Summer Days


It might evoke thoughts of ……


By gone days.

Picnics in the past, spent under a shady tree while the warm breeze rustles the sun dappled leaves. Or in the cool peaceful breeze of the patio.


For the under 20’s  perhaps Summer brings the more ‘urgent and now’  feelings of where to go,  Right Now!

Perhaps water skiing around a 15 mile island in the bracing waters off the Canadian shores,

or for some the challenge of hiking in the Cascades or Rockies is a great Summer pastime.


But if you’re in the midst of winter, as we are in the Southern Hemisphere, then Summer  might just be a tantalizing lure.


As artists,   to paint Summer scenes with authenticity, we need to fully immerse ourselves in that place.  To be in that moment.  So that the viewer, might also feel the Summer warmth shine upon them as well.


watercolour flowers
Summer Patio Flowers with Soft Edges receding….


Patio in Summer Watercolor

This Impressionist watercolor painting, (not new)   was painted for a class demo.

I’d painted it to show how to simplify and create soft dreamy edges.


It was painted one sunny day in Summer on my patio.

I was there, completely immersed in the shimmer of light, the sun’s warmth, and the wonderful peace.


Watercolor does have a magical  quality I think for conveying light and sun, color and Summer.

When I paint plein air, it is  my preferred medium. It responds truthfully, beautifully when I ask it to  convey something needed for the image.



Commit to the Creation

When we create, write, sing, paint, whatever…. commit,  with your truth.

Be authentic, be real.

Be bold.  Make each and every brush stroke mean something.

The viewers, the audience, will appreciate your authenticity.


“Sing it,  Your Way!”








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12 thoughts on “Summer

  1. Beautiful colors in your “summer” painting… so happy our warmer days are here where I live. Your watercolors are so lovely, Debi – no matter the season! 💜🌼🎨👍


    1. yes, I bet you are Jill! its always that sigh of satisfaction… joy, with the first blush of summer. knowing you have the whole summer to come! thank you, for a wonderful compliment too 🙂 cheers, Debi

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  2. I like how you say that to authentically paint summer and anything really we have to immerse ourselves in it. As artists we have to be part of the story in order to tell it – that’s telling the story straight from its core. That’s when we feel a story, feel the narratives, emotions and everything that the story and message is about. I like your watercolour with its dreamy edges. There’s a breezy and carefree feeling about what you created, which is what summer should be about. It’s winter over here in Melbourne…hope winter isn’t too cold where you are. We are quite freezing here lol and I wish it was warmer by a long shot 🙂


    1. Thanks! yes, the fingers turn blue in the house. but, still its not like Canada cold. I think Oz homes just need better insulation is all. Easy!! Anyway, I’ve always had the idea that Summer was – breezy carefree. I loved it esp, when the kids were little! Thanks again for a wonderful comment from you, very enjoyable to read Mabel 🙂

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  3. A lovely post Debi – I love your summer patio watercolour, the colours are lovely! Summer is just beginning in England and so far it’s shaping up to be a reasonably good one…


    1. thats good news! I know it can be coolish there… but sometimes hot too. always wanted to go. Hoping you have a perfect, Summer Evelyn 🙂 thanks!

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