Cobalt Teal Blue: Stages of Art

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“We arrive totally new

at the various stages of life and

there we often lack experience

despite the number of our years.”

Francoise de La Rochefoucauld VI  1613  French writer


cobalt teal blue abstract, la rochefoucauld quote,
Stage One  Cobalt Teal Blue Abstract


In Stages

I think his quote sums up our experience with painting, art, as well.


Every time we think we attain a new level, get to the next stage, we discover ourselves beginners all over again.


Beginners don’t realise that this is ‘just what happens.’

Often as Beginners, we believe the journey will be smooth sailing, once we learn the basics.

That the there won’t be much more mystery, or challenges, or setbacks after that.



Those who have been at it longer, know differently.  Know the drill.

Because, as long as our innate artistic curiosity remains,  there will be challenges.


We have been down the path enough times before not to be overly discouraged.


We know…. to wait it out.

To work it out.

abstract blues, cobalt teal blue painting,
Stage Two



La Rochefoucauld

I chose La Rochefoucauld to quote from today, for two reasons.

The quote content suited the post and image, firstly.


Secondly, he isn’t one of the most well known writers people have read about.

But, he has so many quotes, maxims that are valuable gems.

Just as applicable in 2018 as they were in the 1600’s.


And Art, is about discoveries.

About curiosity that is never ending.



reference for painting abstract of water,
original reference photo


The springboard, the origins of the painting came from the photo of water in green blue.

Not really a magnificent specimen on its own.

However, it does not need to be.


The reference sources only need to Inspire.

To ignite within the artist a desire to create something more, something going Beyond that initial photo.



Abstract Art

As an abstract, it need not Be anything.

It doesn’t have to represent a boat, house, flower, lake, ocean, etc.

Its non-representational.


abstract expressionism, acrylic painting on canvas,
The Pond,  Abstract 


If,  a painting was Semi-Abstract then,  we would be able to discern perhaps that an area might be a sky shape.

Another shape, could infer a shrouded figure, or a boat out upon misty waters.  This, is what a Semi Abstract painting is.


Lunar Black, Quincacridone Sienna, Daniel Smith watercolors,
Smoke and Fire  – semi abstraction


Impressionist, we can detect straight away that something is a flower, a tree, car, cup, etc.

Maybe not, the exact precise street address of the place.

More the mood and feeling of the place or person though.

Autumn Color watercolor landscape, how to fix a watercolor painting, fall tree colors,
moods of autumn watercolor & pastel landscape:  Society6 shop


Botanical art is very precise.  We will know what type of flower it is, the species, etc.

The measurements, the ratios, will all be correct.

Everything leaves, petals, stamens, roots, etc. will be exact in their detail.




Abstract cobalt teal #9 

Abstract art  – A Definition 

Cobalt Teal Sea Sirens 






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  1. Gorgeous – I can’t work out which ones I like the best. Perhaps all of them 🙂


  2. Good morning Debi – Your selection of art today has my own creative juices now flowing for a morning of art making. Your brush strokes, color choices and writing all have my mind swirling. Thanks so much for your post today.


      1. Sharon, been away for awhile, but thank you. and wishing you a wonderful day and weekend. will catch up posts, slow-ly! cheers, Debi


  3. Beautiful art and colours Debi. The quote is very interesting too ~ we never stop learning do we? There will always be another “level” to reach, new challenges to face, new discoveries… let’s hope our curiosity goes on forever…. !


    1. thanks Charlie! the smoke and fire has remained one of my favs; not a perfect piece, but … it has something. its done on yupo paper. quin sienna and lunar black mostly. cheers, debi

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  4. All your paintings have got a special charm of their own and I love your thoughts about art and life! Cheers, Petra


  5. “to wait it out”…perfect words of wisdom, and such a great quote from La Rochefoucauld to accompany your beautiful Cobalt Teal Blue Stage 2 🙂


    1. hi Andrew, Thanks. I think we can learn so much from those who went before us. I found some of his ‘maxims’ and they of course appealed to me and got carried away with having to share! lol Cheers, Debi

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