Trees, in Color

watercolor color chart, watercolor swatches for trees, painting trees,

Outdoors, fresh air.

Wandering through the woods.  Its lovely out there!  Inspiring.

I’ve combined two of my favorite things,  painting and nature….  trees.



As I mentioned in my last post, zen strolls,  I’ve been working.


Inspired by the trees, in color.

watercolor mixing chart, landscape colors,
Palette 1 for Tree Bark


watercolor color chart, watercolor swatches for trees, painting trees,
Palette 2

Watercolor Charts

Two Basic color charts in watercolor.

Easy.  And fun to do, well worth your time!



You only need 3 paints.

  1. cobalt blue pb28
  2. permanent rose pv19
  3. winsor lemon py175


Combining these 3 Paints, in various ratios & blends,  create wonderful new colors to use.

I’ve only shown these two charts, but I’ve created over 200 mixes from the 3 paints.


The color mixes shown, are  great for trees, bark, foliage, branches, and earth.

For more, on Color Mixing,  see color mixing foliage,   browns,  color  mastery, charts.




forest stroll zen meditation, nature inspirations, watercolor lessons,
Zen Stroll

Zen Stroll  – The inspiration.


morning nature walk, inspirational watercolor ideas,
a beautiful morning – another inspiration


From Inspiration, to studio and the processes.

painting watercolor trees from nature,
a quick demo  – Ink over watercolor washes


The unifying line work created by the ink,  brings the image together as well as helps to emphasize the texture of the bark in this quick demo piece.




In Art, its all about Contrast.


Showing one demo example of “rough” texture is good;  but showing the opposite,  is even better.


Below: the silky, fluid washes flow downwards as the pale golden colors stream towards earth.

Its appearance of smoothness, of silken soft bark,  is in direct contrast to the “rough textured” image above.


easy watercolor trees, Tree trunk watercolours
Tree trunk – a study of smoothness – charging technique



tree bark dry brush watercolours
Dry Brush Technique for  rough  bark



What’s Next!?

I’m thinking…..



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    1. I understand. But….. you Will. Get there! art is a skill. skills can be learned. skills can be practiced….. & with practice, Mastered.
      And, seriously – always Maureen, look for evidence of progress in your work: from your #1 image to #10, to #15, #20, to #30, #40 🙂 cheers, Debi

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  1. I love the colour charts Debi – I especially like the more textured shades. And your trees are lovely – the rough and the smooth! Inspirational… !


  2. Enjoying your zen stroll in nature posts. Love seeing your color palette mix for the tree bark, beautiful color combinations. Ive always found comfort and inspiration from daily walks.


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