March 31, 1866 was the last time North America saw this eclipse, known as the blue blood moon.

The Southern Hemisphere has a more recent viewing: December 30 1982.

Still, that is a long wait either way!


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Blue Blood Moon, eclipse


Moon Inspired


Colors…. check.


My television, the Southern Sky.


Inked blue, the night sky glittered.

It was magical to watch.


My photography skills…. not quite so enchanting.

But, the job got done.


It was recorded, and so there were a couple of shots that were editable.

I’m certain many of you have already seen the thousands of breathtaking photographs on the web, I have.

They’re so ….. Inspiring!



colors of the eclipse, rare blue moon, inspires art,
Colors of the Eclipse


Details in the Eclipse

The moon’s details were incredible, even looking through the old binoculars and my basic telephoto lens.

Watching as the shadows, the eclipse –  minute by minute crept over the face of the moon.


Especially the finish, I thought,  was most fascinating to the eye.

There were bands that seemed to appear in a wonderful abstracted pattern where the moon had been.


Sadly, my lens failed to show those small changes!

But,  its worth hunting down the professional’s shots to try to see this.




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Big Moon Rising