Gardens by the Bay: Face Time

Singapore Gardens by the Bay, art sculpture faces, Singapore travel sights,

The faces we see. Passing us by.

On the walls, crouched in canoes, rising tall as totems.

More faces, mirrored in the deep ebony ponds.Perhaps, even a few faces planted somewhere in the gardens.

What a wonderful joy to find faces in the Cloud Dome at the Gardens by the Bay.

It is ……

Singapore still.

Singapore Gardens by the Bay, art sculpture faces, Singapore travel sights,
Monkey Creatures’ Faces of Stone



Singapore inspires

As an artist, I would rate the Cloud Dome Gardens By the Bay a 10 rating.

I’d go again.

I recommend it highly and suggest my artist friends to not miss out.


I went to the Gardens for the pretty flowers.

However, finding faces everywhere I turned,  compelled me to add them in.


These faces were immensely interesting….

Inspirational, as I did my zen stroll through.



stone face sculpture, art in Singapore, gardens by the bay, cloud dome,
Face of Stone


Of course my intent had been of taking shots of the plants, of the magical orchids, the exquisite flowers.

And I did.

Hundreds of shots of those are waiting. I’d say, they are expected. Typical.


Maybe thats why,  I’m choosing to feature the Faces first.

I love the pleasantly unexpected.  The Different.


I’m guessing,  many of you, do too!


Singapore art, faces in sculptures, Cloud Dome Singapore,
Singapore fantastic faces in the cloud dome


Bliss in The Garden


In the Gardens,   we find the time to enjoy the simple pleasure of art.

A time to breathe, as we stroll in the pure and fresh air scented with delicate floral aromas.


Plus, I confess, it was complete bliss in the cool climate controlled environment.

Such loveliness there,  in the creation of these strange and imaginative art forms and faces.


Singapore Gardens by Bay, sculpture faces, art in Singapore, cloud dome,
Singapore garden face


Faces in Art

As an art topic it hasn’t ever truly scored super high as my personal  “Debi,   must do this!” 

However, times change. 


The beauty found in these faces, makes one think.

Could  it be, that faces and portraits and self portraits will now, slowly find their way into my own (Or Yours) art journey?


It could be,  “Face Time.”

totem face, art in Singapore, gardens by the bay, cloud dome,
Totem Face



We speak,  through our Faces

There is much to be communicated in faces, in portraits.

We express volumes, just by drawing/painting the human form as it goes about its daily life.


The art of self portraiture has so much more to say than we might think, at first.

Its not, merely self indulgence as one might presume.


But a laying bare of the soul.

A sharing of the common thread of humanity.


Self portraits are a unique stamp.

Containing information in both their revelations as well as their ‘cover ups.’

Those things the artist chose to hide from the viewer, which in itself, Reveals.


art in Singapore, Cloud Dome art sculptures, faces in art,
Face,  Planted



These Faces from Singapore, have done more than made me “think and reflect.”

In their own way, they’ve influenced my mind enough,  to alter my actions.

Just faces.

Fascinating, isn’t it?




Face Time

Singapore art, sculpture and carving in Singapore Gardens by the Bay,
Faces of the wall





dragon wood carving, art in Singapore, Gardens by the Bay Cloud Dome,
Face of the Dragon





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18 thoughts on “Gardens by the Bay: Face Time

    1. Anneli, thanks!! they were expressive, in their own ways. their creators did wonderful work. I did not, go for faces. but they pulled me right in 🙂

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    1. thank you, I feel I was lucky. right place and right frame of mind too – many times I might have stayed in my zone getting those flower shots. lol Cheers, Debi


  1. The faces are so interesting and fascinating Debi. It’s interesting, too, that faces/portraits haven’t been on your “must do” art list – I was very much the same with my photography, I’ve ever done only very limited amounts of “people” shots (my deliberate choice). But with watercolour I am going to have a go at portraits and people sometime! It’s a good testimony to the creators of the sculptures that their work was powerful enough to change your way of thinking….


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