Pink and Crimson: watercolor inspirations

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, flower dome,, watercolors inspired by Singapore


Inspired by the pretty and delicate pink petals found in the Gardens by the Bay.



Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, flower dome,, watercolors inspired by Singapore
Gardens by the Bay, so pretty,  Singapore flowers





Watercolor Techniques

I decided I needed to get in the zone, for my upcoming class “Watercolors – Loose, and Easy.” I think it should be a fun class;  laid back and keeping watercolor …simple and easy. Fresh, Free, Flowing And Loose.  Thats the goal.


So,  to keep this little technique simple, I chose only a few colors:   (white, indigo and alizarin crimson) and had a play.



White Paint Is Lovely!

The white paint applied first, acts like a soft velvety foundation that the other paints react to in beautiful ways.

For those of you who have not tried this before, it is a lot of fun.


You create stunning results by laying the wet white wash down first and then, while it is damp….. allow another color to merge into it.

(Especially The Staining paints!)



watercolor techniques, floral pink color mixes,
watercolor techniques in reds and pinks

Just simply ‘do.’

For fun.

I loved the experimentation aspect, with no pressure to create, finish, frame.


Still a bit lagged from the trip,  I was in no big rush to “Paint That Photo.”

Of course, those who know me by now, know I never do that anyway!



These are colors I do not usually use together.

(Indigo, White, Permanent Alizarin Crimson)

So, it was interesting to me to see how they responded to each other.

I had about 15 test squares I did fairly fast, that looked great.

I’ll be able to use this information in other work I do.


So for those who worry about spending all that time

and not ending up with a “Product”   –  it isn’t so bad.


You do end up with benefits.

I learn new things all the time doing this type of thing.

Learning new techniques, new color combinations, new approaches, etc.

These, can be then used down the track in your next paintings. 





Watercolor Techniques 

Watercolor start easy….






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    1. thanks! they do… and then, there’s sea coral, fish, gemstones, butterflies, oh! you see, I get distracted with Color LOL have a great day Anneli 🙂

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      1. and …. to top it off its winter there, with the grey skies that the sea waters will reflect
        but, every place has its ups and downs. I hope to get to see the greens of the Pac NW maybe this summer. Summer, there is pretty lovely! 🙂

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    1. I did!! its great for lots of things, just keeping the palette super limited makes it work w/o the mud. but wow, hey, try it with phalo blue, for skies. ultramarine for haze on distant mountains ie The Smoky Mts…. cheers, have fun Jodi 🙂

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  1. Time spent playing with colours like this is always time well spent, it’s a wonderful way of learning about colour. I like how you’ve chosen colours that mix to the right shades for the beautiful flower in the photo – very clever Debi…. !

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  2. Your class…Watercolors. loose and easy sounds so good. But I live in Washington, State USA. Have you put this class in DVD or U Tube form so your far away friends could participate? Thanks for all your sharing. Carol Rutte Seattle, WA >

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    1. hmmm! you make a great point Carol, Thanks! 🙂
      I’ll consider that. Perhaps one of my students can do the video; or else I am going to have to research HOW To and do a heap of practicing….. LOL


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