Edward Seago: Inspirational Master Artist

Edward Seago by Ron Ranson book, great art books, masters of oil painting, painting ships and seas the impressionist technique, debiriley.com

Edward Seago,  what can I say?

Definitely he has been under appreciated.  We all know Monet, Picasso, Renoir.

Seago? Not so much.

But let’s  remedy that now!


Edward Seago by Ron Ranson book, great art books, masters of oil painting, painting ships and seas the impressionist technique, debiriley.com
Edward Seago, by Ron Ranson art book   painting of ships and seas


Edward Seago Inspires

Both the oils and watercolors go beyond the ordinary.

Beyond good.

His brush takes you on a journey.


Edward was born 1910 in the UK.

I fell in love with his story, with his sensitivity in handling the paints, papers, canvas and brush.

Seago had an easy mastery of both oils and watercolors I admire.

Perhaps, envy…..




You will see a few of my favorite books on the studio table.

Margaret Coen, Realist Abstracts, Raw Colour with Pastels

and the Edward Seago book.


I have owned for a decade + this  lovely book featuring gorgeous watercolors and oils by the creative master Seago.


The book is available at Amazon.com  Edward Seago by Ron Ranson 

I hope you’re inspired to seek out his work.


painting winter and snow techniques, learn from the masters, Edward Seago paintings, be inspired by a master artist, debiriley.com
Seago, winter in oils… feeling the cold


Learn from The Masters

The Masters.

They are the ones who we truly need to emulate. To study from.  To look at Their Techniques.

They make the fewest mistakes.

And they,  tend not to pass off paintings with critical basic design flaws, as ‘ok work.’


And Seago was a master of both oils and watercolors, easily flipping from one to the other.







Close viewing shows us the vigor of his brush movements.  The strokes are forever etched upon the canvas. Showing us his mood, his speed in painting, telling us a little bit about the man.


By looking at Seago’s paintings you can see how he used his hard and soft edges so brilliantly to create the depth and distance.

The subtle use of color, its nearly monochromatic, creates a far more powerful impact here than if it was littered with colors and hundreds of details.


He saw all the detail that really was there…..

He chose,  to eliminate.

He made the decision to disregard all the bits and pieces.

He wanted, he needed the message to come through look and clear.


Not the clutter.   Wow.








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15 thoughts on “Edward Seago: Inspirational Master Artist

  1. I bought that book last year for only $2 at our local library, one of my favorites. What I really liked was his enthusiasm and determination. What struck me aside from his beautiful art was the fact that his parents were not supportive of him and yet he pushed on anyway!

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    1. hi M, I’m running far far far behind the 8 ball these days and can’t catch up. How about you? Well, i been loving your work, I know that! and you got a DEAL!! $2 super good the son smiled on you 🙂


      1. Haha! I was thinking running behind the 8 Ball? My favorite trail that I hike all the time is called the 8 Ball. My brain just did a loopy loop. Yep, lucky! One of my favorites so far. I just recently discovered a new artist to me and am really connecting with her books. Jeanne Carbonetti is her name. Hope you had a lot of fun on your trip! Cheers!

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      2. what a name, for a hiking trail…. lol
        I’ve heard of Carbonetti, + pinned some paintings. she loves bright and bold color, there is a lot of strength in her work.


      3. ah ha; not yet read her books! guess I can add that to my List……. I swear, we need more hands, feet, heads as we ‘mature’ lol


  2. First off I had to google Edward Seago…. ! Having done so I instantly like his work, noticing straight away that a certain amount of it has to do with the sea and water, which I also love. Thank you for bring his work to the fore – he is certainly one we can learn many lessons from….

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  3. Great post Debi – Seago holds a special place in my heart as it was his approach to watercolours that inspired me to pick up my brushes again after 20 years or so of dormancy. His ability to distil a scene to capture its essence is astonishing! Thanks so much for bringing him to the attention of all your followers!

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    1. my pleasure John. Thank you. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the post. Seago is the Master, I always aspire to. And that is wonderful, to be so inspired…. after 20 long years. Good for you! 🙂 cheers, Debi


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