just you wait….

just you wait….

seaside sunburst, hope comes, sun comes out, sea and sun photo, debiriley.com
seaside sunburst


Good things

are coming –

just you wait


5 thoughts on “just you wait….

    1. slow on the 8 ball, thats me! you did have to wait a long time. so sorry Deborah. it seems i can not, catch up! the holidays, Singapore got me way behind. I’m trying………. πŸ™‚
      anyway, thank you I’m pleased you liked the image!
      cheers, debi

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      1. Oh gosh. Don’t even apologize for being behind! I was so far behind with the holidays and week-ends I’m just now caught up, and then there are so many I just had to delete and move onto the newest posts.

        I meant it. I’ll wait. I appreciate that life gets in the way of blogging and I’m hooked on your work, and teaching. πŸ™‚ I

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