Fun at the Art Shop

encaustic sticks, fun art materials, buying art supplies on sale,

I’m back from the art shop.

Why, is this news?

Well…. you can save money from what I learned there, for starters!  $100 savings in paper….


encaustic sticks, fun art materials, buying art supplies on sale,
Fun, Creative art supplies encaustic color sticks


The Art… of  Shopping


I went up to the Oxlades Art Supply shop in the northern suburbs of Perth.

There I found some decent sales items.

First was the good, artist quality 100% cotton rag watercolor paper on sale.

Saunders cold press 300 gsm 10 pack for $70 (Australian)

Saunders cold press works brilliantly.

That was purchase #1


Saunders watercolor paper cold press, watercolour paper great for students, fun art supplies, making the most of art sales,
Saunders 100% cotton rag watercolor paper Cold Press


I love Arches paper… BUT

The importers of Arches paper into Australia, sadly have marked up the costs.

It has risen so high now, its beyond feasible,  for many of my students.

I understand.


And  I can’t honestly say  that the Arches at $17.50 per watercolor sheet 300gsm

is really worth $10 more,   than the Saunders at $7 per sheet!


That is $100 savings if you purchased this pack of 10 vs buying  10 Arches at $17.50 per sheet.



Purchase #2

20 meter roll of Sumi paper which will come in handy in Term 1 Atwell art course “Expressive: Drawing- Printmaking- Painting.”

I’ve used it before, its sturdy enough for light washes and for printmaking techniques.

It was about $19 or so.


printmaking paper, Sennelier oil pastel, print plates, wax sticks, naples yellow,
Creative fun art supplies, color, pastels, papers


Purchase #3

I couldn’t resist some  Color.


And as we will be doing various drawing and printmaking techniques I chose the Sennelier oil pastels.

Ultra buttery soft, melting onto what ever surface they are applied to.

Superior quality, good price.

Just under $5  Australian.



The Wax encaustic sticks… a bit of an indulgence?

Naples Yellow.  Indanthrone blue.  Sage green.  White.  Quinacridone Gold.

Turquoise (or in my mind… cobalt teal)


These colors combine to make a gorgeous palette full of harmony.

As a bonus,  they mix together well, to create dozens more color blends.

The series 6 colors were spendy $15   –  an indulgence, yes.


Purchase #4

Magnani Pescia is an Italian mouldmade 100% cotton printmaking paper.

My purchase:  3  sheets,  tucked into the Saunders bag.


The Magnani  is a soft paper, smooth and creamy.  Great surface, lovely for lino prints, gelli prints, lithography, woodcuts.

Its fantastic for drawings.  For charcoal, pastels, inks.

I was able to buy these for about $7 each.



Purchase #5

The Encaustic metal printing plate.  $20.28 purchase price.

I heat it up, then melt the wax sticks on it in whatever design I wish.  Place my chosen printmaking paper down on the plate, lift off and voila!

A monoprint is created.





All in all, I left the shop spending just a tad over $150.00

I’m sure that’s close to a record low for me, going to a proper art store.  


That was a lot of judicious selecting I have to say.

The selecting,  is a large part of my enjoyment.


There are so many new items to look at.

So many brilliant colors, papers, pastels, inks.

My eyes seemed to want so much more.

I didn’t  need,  more though.


It was fun, I  had fun.  I’m pretty content with what I have.



Hope you enjoyed my trip to the art store,   Cheers!





Oxlades Art Supplies  Perth  Facebook 

Oxlades Art Supplies 



Cheap Joes Art Supplies 

USA  Arches paper 300gsm 10 pack $54.50      $5.40 each



Creative Art ; gelli prints 


Art Materials Supplies


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23 thoughts on “Fun at the Art Shop

  1. I hope you like the paper. I can’t wait to see what you paint on it with your new paints. They look interesting.

    I need to get my new “work room” set up so I can start playing with paint again.
    My desk needs to be emptied and moved in there and I’m procrastinating b/c it’s a huge heavy desk, but I do need to get it done!


    1. yes thank you! bargains, and the one indulgence….. lol Cheers, and thanks for stopping pausing to let me know what you thought. I appreciate it. 🙂


    1. might need to wait a bit… we have a visit coming up for a bit. but Term 1 begins in Feb. so there will be a flurry going on then I’m sure! I’d love to go away. just to do art.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yes…. ! I recently visited a superb art shop in Truro, Cornwall (UK). I bought paper, paint, brushes, books…. They even have a very nice cafe in the shop with comfy armchairs, log fire (it’s winter here) and a pile of art books you can peruse through while having your coffee….. heavenly….

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      2. I am soooo green right now! armchairs and coffee and a fire! oh my. I’d never leave 🙂 what a treasure. if I ever, get to England I’d have to go to that shop…. just for the ambience 🙂 perfection.

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      3. They don’t sell online but they do have a website
        Toward the bottom of the home page there’s a link you can click on “take a look inside our store” and you can have a little virtual tour of the art shop and cafe – it’s lovely….
        If ever you get to England, Cornwall is the most beautiful place to visit….

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  2. I want to try encaustic monoprinting, and I have plenty of metal plate. Can I ask how you heat yours to the right temperature and keep it there? I have seen some great prints using encaustic wax!


    1. I’m smiling…. the “right” way is to have it on electric skillet with temp gauge. not the way I do it… hit and miss, and guess. sometimes I use an old iron, which isn’t really correct. I have melted colors in tins and put on the skillet to warm, as well. just on warm. NOT any hotter. I’m not a stickler for the rules. other than Safety… that you need to google. and adhere too 100% cheers, debi


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