What is in my studio!?

Like some of you there are days, I don’t dare even look. But, then like today the spirit captures me and I dig in.


Here are a few of my findings I found enjoyable.

Things I’d forgotten.  Images long left in the boxes.




4  Art Findings

Straight from the studio.

Not prettied up, no frames, no matts, no cropping.

Just “as is.”   In their raw state.


loose and easy watercolor trees, colorful trees in watercolour, debiriley.com
Watercolor Tree Landscape study




watercolor loose and easy, palette knife with watercolour to create landscapes, debiriley.com
palette knife and watercolor



less in more simplifying in watercolor, use a palette knife to simplify the subject, debiriley.com
Less, is more – watercolor





minimalist watercolor landscape in greens, daniel smith primatek watercolours, debiriley.com
Watercolor miniature landscape