Angels, Feathers: Art Subjects….. open for interpretation

monoprint abstract art,

Silver glittering angel. Flecks of violet, jade, topaz sparkle.

Set against that dark rich and warm Light Red background.

The Photographer, Kelly Walker, was busy around here.

With her permission, I’ve used her images.



angel in the wings, silver holiday christmas angel,
Angel in the wings



The Art of the Holidays

Truly…. there isn’t much, in the way of drawing, painting, creating at the moment.

A tiny bit.  Some.


But truly,   the art of the holidays is to go with the flow.



A Tree



The white Christmas tree…. a reminder of snow that will never fall upon the hot sands of W.A.

Yet somehow,  the camera has caught a  loveliness of spirit  that sets it back to right.



white plastic tree, simplicity and minimal decor, christmas decorations minimalist,
White Tree



A fallen feather

A fallen feather; but from where we may wonder.


A mingling of purest white and ebony black; with all the subtle beautiful tones of greys that stirs my artist’s mind.

Leaping to thoughts of which paints and pigments might be used to create all these splendid variations.


The delicate blush of sandstone cream, soft and pale, blurred like a dream into the background – captivates doesn’t it?


Once again, the camera has captured something that is,  magical.

It pulls the eye, the heart, in.


I must say though….. Its not, the camera that did this magic.

No.  Rather it is the person behind the camera who created this. Who was able to capture and convey these feelings of magic.


fallen feather photo, soft grey and white tones,
a Fallen feather




And Lastly.

A monoprint.

Open for interpretation.


I have assembled and used as inspiration these holiday photographs taken by another, but from my home.

They have then been used to form to shape – first within my imagination and then with paper and paints, an image that I have interpreted from those photos.



The monoprint.

The outspread form. a tree shape?

Could it be an angel’s wing?

A feather?

Is that snow in the foreground?  A blizzard in the clouds?

Or perhaps it is the rays of the sun as it shimmers down right at dusk?



art needs to be open for interpretation, monoprint blue and light red, wing shapes, sun ray shapes,
Open… for interpretation



This is the pure beauty of the abstract: it is meant to engage.

It is open,  for interpretation. 




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6 thoughts on “Angels, Feathers: Art Subjects….. open for interpretation

  1. This answer to the mono print, is probably ..Way Out
    (Not even artistically a good answer, as my 1st. Interpretation ) but here goes Debi;
    Being in the Tradition of the Christmas Spirit, and mystery, I saw, this print,
    As a lovely, image of an ancient stone, with hieroglyphics of some kind, chiseled imprints..with unknown meaning..
    Stumbled upon, by observer, on top of a mound of “whitish clay..or sand,” ..
    Sort of half hidden still, ( maybe in a cave !!) BUT the light of day, pierces through..AN UNKNOWN DISCOVERY..❗️Ancient, curious, Beautiful..and many colours.
    Happy Christmas..I love this post!!.
    All the photography, is stunning
    😊Joanne Canada

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    1. oh I do like that J!! quite thoughtful, and I can see how you arrived at this interpretation too. Brilliantly stated, thank YOU 🙂
      happy NY and may 2018 be one we all, Flourish…. cheers, Debi

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      1. ❗️😊✨..And thank you, too!!
        Wishing You A Happy New Year, 2018 !
        Just so much to be excited about, Debi and friends.

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    1. I will be sure to tell her… the photographer! Kelly will be pleased – thank you. wishing you a wonderful NYE and may 2018 be a fab u lous year for you!!

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