She couldn’t resist him.

That’s the way it goes around here.

He cried, begged, whined.

The little guy carried on for so long, finally our granddaughter had to do it.


holiday cat card, cat in a hat, long haired cat with santa hat photography,
Meow, A Merry Merry Christmas and Joyous Holiday



He had his Santa hat on.

The only cat I’ve ever had that enjoys dress up.

That loves being carted around, held like a baby. And would do so…. all day long  if possible.

Strange cat indeed.




And as Dr. Seuss wrote in The Cat in the Hat, 

“Look at me.  Look at me now!”



Merlin is so pleased.

He got his way. 

At last.

He rules.

He commands ALL  attention.


He is… the cat’s meow.



Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas,  Joyful Season Salutations


Debi  + Merlin