Midnight Dreams: indigo

indigo blue green collage, midnight blue acrylics on paper, debiriley.com

There in the distance…. the deep velvet near black, midnight blue sky twinkles with stars.

So it seems.



indigo blue green collage, midnight blue acrylics on paper, debiriley.com
Midnight Dreams: indigo collage


Midnight Dreams

In my last post, I did promise a little more interesting “Title.”

Sometimes, artists do dream and then create.

So it was.

I didn’t capture the precise dream like qualities.

But I did convey the colors in the dream.


The Midnight Dream is expressed as:

A collage with torn papers and acrylic paints.

Indigo blue transitions to cobalt, then cerulean.

Finally the surface is bared with whites upon the foreground’s stark shape.



What, is it?

The shapes are vague.



I think, I’ll encourage your own imaginations to take over.

To imagine, what it could be. 

In your mind,  your dreams.



The theme of “dreams” has come in handy;

with  Watercolor  Daydreams II  and   Just Daydreams preceding this post & painting.


I just really, like the colors.

Indigo. Cerulean.  Prussian blue.   And those gorgeous blends of greens.



Design Elements

I enjoy this movement, direction, pathway the painting takes.

A little journey.

Upper left to centre.

Flowing downwards in a smooth diagonal path.


Atwell Students might also notice the other feature that plays such a major role here.

The tonal values, are plentiful.


The smooth gradation of tones from near black at the top, to the white at the base.

That’s what is guiding the viewer’s eye.

Its this,

that makes the viewer’s eye roam,  travel through the painting so easily.


And so, even if one  can’t quite pin down

what the painting represents exactly –

still, we can enjoy the journey it has taken us on.


In those Midnight Dreams. 



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17 thoughts on “Midnight Dreams: indigo

    1. Amy, gosh, thank you!! 🙂
      I am so glad you liked this painting! It has something that does seem to draw and mesmerise; I think I’d keep looking for ages. I should do a better write up!! lol thank you again ❤

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  1. This painting has so much to say, I want to linger a while and take in the depth and beauty. I see cliffs, mountain ranges and the universe beyond. Stunning art Debi!

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    1. Sharon, I’m so happy you liked this one. It means a lot.
      In a way, its nothing, but its that nothing-ness that I love. Your word “universe” probably best addresses this. 🙂

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  2. I love the abstract expressionism work you do! Am now following your blog, would love a follow back!

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    1. thank you Maranda; I appreciate you taking the time to let me know! and the follow 🙂
      I’ve had a wander & read over at ‘your place’ – You have a LOT of interesting things!! I love the fact you’re publishing. Its something I want to do with some books I’ve drafted, but (sadly) am not ‘up’ with Techie things 😦

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