Watercolor …. daydreams II

watercolor pink patio flowers, painting loose its easy, debiriley.com

It gets challenging around this time of year.

Finding exciting new “titles”  and whipping up spiffy new art designs.

When, we are all, juggling 3 too many tasks as it is!

So. I guess,  we’re stuck with this title.

But,  I promise, to do better.

Next Time!!




Watercolor DayDreams

Watercolor paintings inspired by,  what else …. my yesterday’s post,  daydreams. 


Two to choose from.




watercolor landscapes loose and easy, art lessons Atwell gallery, debiriley.com
Landscape Loose and Easy in Watercolors

Watercolor Techniques

Simple washes.

A bit of charging.  A flick of splatter on damp then dry paper.

Leaving lots and lots of calming white.

Seems to have worked out alright.




watercolor pink patio flowers, painting loose its easy, debiriley.com
watercolors bright, loose, easy



An older work, put in the “Later Box” …. where all those ‘yukky things go.

Remember, the post now?  Thought you might!


I made some repairs.

Its easier on the eyes now.



The Patio Pinks in Blue Pot

You might think,  this was right there in front of me at the time.

But No.

It was simply, a remembered scene.


A place I’d lived long ago that brought back lovely memories.

In my day dreams……








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25 thoughts on “Watercolor …. daydreams II

    1. thank you so much Martina! 🙂
      I love your comments. you know, I think we all, are intimidated… by something. I was just writing on that aspect, of being Scared. We’re so vulnerable then.
      And we’ve learned, also, that isn’t always a good place to be, when others can so easily take advantage. For me, when I paint…. that is where I can be the most free. I’m the least intimidated there. I can do precisely what I wish, how I wish. I almost think of it like my diet… why would I care what others think of my food, preferences? I don’t. Art can be viewed the same.

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      1. I am safest and calmest with my pencils. Even I am more comfortable with my most difficult thoughts and feelings when they are represented on paper. I tried watercolor pencils, but I am much happier with my familiar Prismas. I do love to see what inspires others!

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    1. thank you, that is so kind! glad you enjoyed them. you know, to do a painting it all depends! sometimes… if I am all in, right in the zone and its a dreamy kind of subject – I have painted a few in 2-3 minutes. Thats rare. But really, Fun!!
      A normal painting session for me will typically last 2-4 hours. during that time I start up 2-3 paintings and work at them, in rotation til I feel, they are ‘done. then I stop. We all have different art styles, so what works for me, might not for someone else.
      Thank you, for your comments and for asking this question. Cheers, Debi


  1. It’s maddening! I feel this. I do! I just can’t get it out on paper or canvas. I want you to know that I Thank God for you and all artists and writers that can paint and write what I’m feeling, but can’t/ don’t. have. the. talent. to. put. it.down . It’s tangible!
    I’ve been living my life in a nightmare for as long as I can remember! I can’t play the piano, paint, or sew. All things I’d love to be a Master at and have spent many years trying to learn, and master, but…to my utter disappointment wasn’t gifted to me in my creation. I am mediocre in art, music, and writing. I’d play such romantic tunes, write such catchy and romantic poetry, and have closets that fill rooms with clothes the would be in today’s, tomorrow’s, and the futures magazines and fashion’s models deepest desires. If only I had the gifts of talent I’m lacking.
    Thank God for you and those like you! Without you I would starve, be naked, and be clueless to art!!!

    My calling was teaching and being a Mom. I’ve learned to accept it. Not so willingly, but I’ve come to terms with it. 🙂

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    1. to be A Teacher, is a divine thing.
      you touch, inspire, and move so many lives and many go…. absolutely unknown by you. but to them, you were an answered prayer.
      ahh. Deborah. that. is Art. ❤

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  2. I love both paintings Debi and I love the white space in both too. The white space introduces lots of lovely light into both paintings and complements the colours….

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  3. It is always challenging this time of the year, not just the festive season but also the new year ahead. I thought these set of watercolours were amazing. It seems like there’s a place for every colour in your works. From the sounds of it, you started out simple and built it all up. Sometimes the most simple beginnings are the ones that we need, to set that creative drive, to get that motivation going. Coming back to rework it can be a great or frustrating feeling…nevertheless, it is always fun to rework something into something anew. Something you can fall in love with.

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    1. thank you Mabel. I agree, simple or rather Simplicity is something wonderful.
      Wishing you a lovely season. Not too busy, and not too quiet… just right! cheers, Debi

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  4. Loose and easy indeed Debi. How right you are about “juggling tasks” he writes as he baby sits his beautiful granddaughter – a task I wouldn’t miss 🙂

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