It gets challenging around this time of year.

Finding exciting new “titles”  and whipping up spiffy new art designs.

When, we are all, juggling 3 too many tasks as it is!

So. I guess,  we’re stuck with this title.

But,  I promise, to do better.

Next Time!!




Watercolor DayDreams

Watercolor paintings inspired by,  what else …. my yesterday’s post,  daydreams. 


Two to choose from.




watercolor landscapes loose and easy, art lessons Atwell gallery,
Landscape Loose and Easy in Watercolors

Watercolor Techniques

Simple washes.

A bit of charging.  A flick of splatter on damp then dry paper.

Leaving lots and lots of calming white.

Seems to have worked out alright.




watercolor pink patio flowers, painting loose its easy,
watercolors bright, loose, easy



An older work, put in the “Later Box” …. where all those ‘yukky things go.

Remember, the post now?  Thought you might!


I made some repairs.

Its easier on the eyes now.



The Patio Pinks in Blue Pot

You might think,  this was right there in front of me at the time.

But No.

It was simply, a remembered scene.


A place I’d lived long ago that brought back lovely memories.

In my day dreams……