Just…. daydreams

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The Lily. Loveliness of form, lithe and ever so long lasting.

Many might shun this most elegant of flowers.

Thinking of mortality.

I never do.



The Arum lily, Calla lily.

Or  “Zante de schia   aethiopica”  a flower originating from Southern Africa.

I guess many now, associate this glorious flower with sadness and mourning.

It wasn’t always so.

Its a cheap flower to grow. That makes it useful for those sad occasions, unfortunately.


It used to be associated with happier things… before commercialism spoiled it for many.


People were reminded of:

Youth, innocence, purity, faith, rebirth, the virgin Mary and even the Greek goddess Hera.

Nice things.

Happy things.


Things fit for    “just daydreams.



“Zante de schia”    not… a lily

She stands tall.

Rising out of her dark beginnings.

All length and elegance.

A beautiful, surprise.

From the midst of mud and clay.


black and white photo of calla lily, debiriley.com
Rising Lily


The arum, or calla lily grows in the wetlands, very often as a discard.

Littering the roadside ditches in abundance – as weeds – in early spring.

She loves to have her roots sunk deep.

To delve down through the damp and get her fill of the goodness.

Of that rich, fertile soil she rests in.




Graceful and elegant.



Ready, to be admired.

Ready to have her portrait done.

To be drawn, to be painted.




An artist’s dream.


just daydreams 



lilies, flower still life photographs, afternoon light on flowers, dreamy mood, debiriley.com


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