Threads of Creativity … Collage

creative abstract collage, pools of silence, wax encaustic art, viridian green paint, music as inspiration for art,

Creativity sparks in this shimmering collage.

Rich Crimson scarlet and pools of Viridian green.

Threads of gold, delicate threads of Japanese papers mingle with thick layers of encaustic wax.

…. how was this created?  what Was I thinking?



Karise Eden singer, Threads of Silence, creativity in art, encaustic collage, Christmas colors red and green, abstract encaustic painting,
Creativity Collage, Threads of Silence


Collage Creativity


Painting away. Creating.

in silence


Playing the colors, the tones.

In quietness – Collaging,  pulling the threads of paper apart, gluing.


Then a song crept into my head.




Threads of Silence


Threads of Silence  by Karise Eden played first in my mind, in repeat.

It wouldn’t let me go.

I gave up trying.

And just put the song on play, in real life.

And let it go.



Karise Eden has a lovely velvety voice;  full of depth.

The depth, is what I love most.

Rich. Layer upon layer upon layer.


Though I can’t play one note of music, sing, hum or whistle ….. I can,  recognise creative artistry   when I see or hear it.


Color fills the air with each note Karise sings.

The tones rise and fall, the full range of expressive emotions carry you along with her on the journey.


With her honey rich sound –  Karise makes me think of the timeless singers Aretha, Tina Turner.

Threads of Silence   Karise Eden   available  at    itunes 




In a IG  post a few weeks back,  she included:

“In a world full of Kardashians be a Janis.”



Many, of my articles are themed around this very concept.

About being original.

Being no one’s  ‘parrot.’

Speaking your own words. Not what “they”  tell you,  you should be saying!

Expressing in paint what you yourself have to say.  So, I enjoyed that quote immensely.



I also like Karise’s  version of   “Hallelujah”  available itunes  as well.



Who is Karise Eden?

A young, vocally gifted, Ozzie singer.  She grew up in New South Wales, Australia and went on to overcome personal hardships,  to win The Voice 2012 in Australia.




“The How”

What were the techniques and the materials used?


The initial painting was a watercolor underpainting on Arches paper.


The Colors: Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Quinacridone Gold, Viridian, Phalo Green.

Black ink was applied over the paints.


Then Gloss medium followed. It was allowed to dry.

Acrylic gold paint was next.


Thick liberal applications of uncolored encaustic wax was applied with palette knife. 

Swathes of sculptural forms of wax formed and while still malleable and warm

the teased apart paper threads  were suspended across a few targeted forms.


These Threads, were used to bridge the gaps of silence.


creative abstract collage, pools of silence, wax encaustic art, viridian green paint, music as inspiration for art,
Pools of Silence, creative collage




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    1. thank you!! and thanks for listening too 🙂 (showing my age… but, a lot of current trending music doesn’t always do it for me!) the oldies 80’s and 90’s even 70’s I can at least hear the words. Maybe thats another reason I liked her soulful melodic songs… “yesteryear” LOL

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  1. Hi Debi !!. ..good to be well read through one of your WordPress posts 😊..🎍Like ” light” beaming in my place of heart ! ..The colours you use here are So Vibrant and uplifting..
    I keep thinking Collage and creativity..
    Greetings from Canada.. 2017 ..
    Joanne Wighton

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    1. hi Joanne, I’m glad you are … on the mend… better and enjoyed the refreshing colors. I’m really pleased they caught your eye 🙂 There are days, and times – especially in the long grey winters, that the eyes need some little bit of sunshine poured in. well, at least for me it was like that! take care, cheers, Debi

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